December 3, 2022

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Vita: It has become a luxury item – cheaper in … England than it is in Greece

The chip price breaks every “record”.

a fourth sliceAt most, half a kilo is now bought by families in their weekly supermarket shopping.

The reason is not the change in their habits but the prices that have “jumped” in a few months.


  • Vita from Ternavos: 12.30 €
  • Origin of Vita from Elassona: €11.30
  • Feta from Kalavrita: €10.40

Prices are more expensive for packaged cheeses which many consumers prefer to save time shopping or because they buy from smaller supermarkets where there is no counter but only refrigerators.

  • 300g feta slice: 5.01€ (16.70€/kg)
  • 400g feta: 5.68€: (14.20€/kg)

A comparison with last year’s prices shows that the increases in the segment amounted to:

  • 43% loose feta
  • 45% on prepackaged slide

Expectations for the coming period indicate that prices will rise more due to energy costs that raise production and transportation costs.

Loose feta cheese will cost 15 euros and packaged cheese will cost 20 euros.

The increase in price now makes consumers buy small portions served at the table as an appetizer, while precision in oil and vegetables even country salad with feta cheese seems like a luxury on the everyday dining table.

The cheapest chip in England

At the same time, it is surprising that in England, in Manchester, packed Greek feta 200 g. Its price is 2.49 pounds, or 2.82 euros, which is cheaper than in Greece, where the same cheese costs 2.99 euros.

In another store back in England, there is a bottled Vita

  • 400g packed feta: €6.22 (€15.55/kg)
  • Greece (same package): €13.63 / kg
  • Feta 1 kg: 15.38 EUR
  • Greece (same package): €11.67 / kg
  • Feta 2 kg pack: €28.28 (€14.14/kg)
  • Greece (same package): €10.99 / kg
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Basically, prices are marginally higher than in Greece for a product that starts in our country and crosses all over Europe and is aimed at consumers who pay much higher salaries.

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