August 9, 2022

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Washington says it examined the bullet that killed journalist Abu Okla

WAshington announced on Monday that Ms. Abu Aqleh has “Possible” She cited a bullet from an Israeli website, adding that she had no reason to believe a deliberate attempt to kill Al Jazeera’s star reporter while she was covering an Israeli military operation in Jenin on May 11 in the occupied West Bank. .

But at the same time on Monday, the Jewish state said it had itself conducted an examination of the infamous bullet, which the Palestinian Authority has always refused to give to the Israelis but agreed to delegate to the Americans.

On Monday, the Palestinian Authority immediately denounced attempting to do so to hide the truth With the death of the journalist whose sudden disappearance shook the Middle East.

On Tuesday, a US diplomatic spokesman, Ned Price, attempted to defuse the controversy by asserting that the analysis of the missile was carried out by two experienced members of the US Security Coordinator’s Services (USSC), the US official in charge. To organize security cooperation with the Palestinians.

“Local experts, Israeli or Palestinian, did not conduct the US bullet examination”Mr. Price said without specifying the identity or nationality of the two experts mentioned.

“The US Security Council had full custody of the ball from the time it was given by the Palestinian Authority until the time the Security Council returned it to the Palestinian Authority.”specially.

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