December 7, 2022

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We kill young children for being in love.

The Dana Baraka He wanted to take a stand on the news of his suicide gay couple In Armenia on Wednesday night he proceeded to publish … Slingshot.

The actress and presenter of Mega Morning Zone, via her personal Instagram account, wanted to share some thoughts with her online friends by posting a long text accompanied by the young couple who ended their lives.

More specifically, Danae Barka writes, “A AUTOCTONISE couple after uploading photos for the first time that revealed their love. So: We live in a world where we all seem to fight for equality, peace and love but in reality we made them RUG. Because instead of caring about our lives and how We will evolve, we care about how we say our evil, how we stress the drama of another to feel better, how we insult someone so we can get up and how we will sow discord. This concerns us all.” “We who appear every day on TV and instead of cloning something nice or looking for entertainment are blackening, slandering, criticizing and pretending, those who sit behind a keyboard and write headlines put people in a difficult situation, those who are hiding in fake accounts because they can’t Even facing their own truth they sit down and call everyone “like me, sister, short, fat, anorexic, useless”, those who only care about their party without realizing that in this world we create, we will have to live until everything turns into a boom, to those who They only care about themselves and forget that our children will live and experience all this, and to those who have not put themselves in his place anywhere else.”

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“We all gathered in a community and kill little children because they fell in love. Because yes, if a man kills himself because he feels inferior, then the killers are the ones left behind. I don’t know how you feel, I feel ashamed that even now we hurt those around us. If you hate, That’s what you’ll get. If you give sexism, fascism, decadence, that’s what you get. If you give love, you get love. Choose what you like for you, your mother, your child, your grandmother, your friends… All of this matters directly to us all. Until I die I’ll say love And love, love and respect,” Danai Baraka clearly added in her posts. “There should be no more children on this planet killing themselves because we hurt them. Don’t let children come home crying because someone else in the house has learned to make fun of them. Don’t let any other child on this planet cry.”

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