April 1, 2023

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We wanted to try it, can we handle it? | Blog – Michalis Tsochos

Michalis Tsuchos writes about a four-competitor tournament (with obviously different odds), which we all want to see, but it’s very doubtful if we can enjoy it…

So we’re almost done with the regular season and we’re going into the playoffs with one having less chances and one with more chances, four different contenders for the title. A rare, if not non-existent, phenomenon for Greek football. We’ve seen it happen abroad and wondered if we’d see it one day in Greece and of course we hoped it would.

The adage “Be careful what you wish for…” applies here. Starting with the derby of the last match of the regular season next Sunday between AEK and Olympiacos, 11 derbies await us between the four title contenders. I’m writing this roughly because it will definitely depend on each SC’s draw from now on. Can we treat it as Greek football? Can we endure the series of 11 consecutive derbies between the title contenders, can the teams and fans offer the Greek public something unforgettable, or is all this tension and striving for first place at any cost drowning us out?

The teams showed us one way or another this weekend that they will enter the final stage well, with mood, energy, fun and good football. A total of 17 -0 counter was recorded as the score in the four meetings of the title contenders. No matter how hard you look, you won’t find something similar this season. In fact, winning all four was a rare phenomenon, let alone achieving it with a total score of 17-0!

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The situation and the momentum with which they enter the playoffs puts us in an exciting finale to the season, I do not remember anything like it, but will it be like this? Will you play all the derby and finish normally? Will the teams be able to manage the condition and rarity of the item. And not only these four teams, but also the Premier League as a co-op, EPO as a federation, KED and every body directly involved in the league.

Ordinarily, every football fan and every journalist today should rejoice at what is to come and wring their hands in satisfaction at the state in which the four go into the decisive final game of the season. I don’t know if that’s the case though, I doubt it.

I hope as I write this now because it is early, that everyone will see with clear eyes the opportunity Greek football and its championship will have in the coming weeks. I hope everyone understands the opportunity they have to not only win it, but most of all to promote it, I hope everyone understands that this is a rare moment that can grow as much as possible and the appeal and attractiveness of the tournament. I hope that when this process is over, everyone will comment for the first time with reference to the Greek league “what we lived through…”, as we have said many times about leagues abroad and not to curse the time and the moment that four teams entered. Qualifying for the championship and everything collapsed …

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Note the children in the stands are the only hope. Those who have watched one or two SK Championship matches fully understand what I mean. Kids in the stands who interacted, wrote, held signs, kept silent when they had to, who screamed when they had to. Children in the stands are the only hope…