September 22, 2023

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What are the four signs favored by Jupiter in Pisces from 10/28/2022 to 12/20/2022?

What are the four signs favored by Jupiter in Pisces from 10/28/2022 to 12/20/2022?

What are the four signs favored by Jupiter in Pisces from 10/28/2022 to 12/20/2022?

Jupiter has already traveled through the water sign of Pisces from 12/29/2021 to 10/05-2022, but on 10/28/2022 it is retrograde for one last passage through this sign. Specifically, he will remain there almost until the end of the year, that is, until 12-2022. Jupiter in Pisces will bring back the problems that were preoccupying us in the spring of 2022 and give us one last chance to make the most of them!

Zeus gifts

Jupiter is a beneficial planet that generously bestows its gifts on the sign in it at any time. This planet is associated with luck, opportunity, optimism, abundance and expansion which gives us the motivation to move forward, explore the world and search for something better than what we have already conquered. Jupiter is famous for his tendency to take risks without thinking about the consequences, as well as his need to engage in adventures, which will help him enrich his knowledge and experience. Attentive to the small details and the big picture, he ignores the rules imposed on him, his eyes fixed on his great goals. For Jupiter, there are no obstacles and restrictions, only challenges and opportunities, so it will be difficult to accept defeat and even more difficult to retreat. So Jupiter can fulfill our wildest dreams, as long as we do not lose faith in ourselves and our abilities.

Understanding and selflessness in relationships

Jupiter in Pisces is an excellent location, as it was the traditional ruler of Pisces before the discovery of Neptune. Therefore, in this sign, he expresses such qualities as sympathy, compassion, deep understanding, selfless giving, and moreover brings us in touch with our spiritual side. With Jupiter in Pisces, our drive to move forward is not individual but collective. We give the ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and see situations through their own lens. We will experience our neighbor’s problem as if it were our own and would be really interested in how he feels around us. In short, the last two months of this year will bring us closer to our loved ones, while it is possible that new people will enter our lives, who will somehow fulfill our emotional needs and help us leave the past behind.

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circle close

The transit of Jupiter in the last sign of the zodiac symbolizes the closure of a cycle and calls us to stay away permanently from everything that does not benefit us, harm us and does not allow us to develop. Secrets and behind-the-scenes moves may emerge, so now it will be revealed if someone is trying to sabotage you. But with Jupiter in this emotional and spiritual sign, we will not seek revenge but forgiveness. So it’s time to accept anything that didn’t happen the way we wanted and to forgive ourselves and others. After all, this is the only way we will feel lighter and be able to follow a new, healthier path from now on.

But let’s go and see in more detail what are the four signs that would favor the return of Jupiter to Pisces


The entry of Jupiter into Pisces is a very interesting event for you, as you will regain your lost optimism and see situations through a different lens. You will focus more on your potential and less on potential obstacles, and this attitude will help you achieve the desired goals. Jupiter gives you confidence, nothing is impossible for you now, as long as you believe in it with all your might. Very important opportunities open up before you and it is the perfect time to promote your plans and expand your activities. Legal matters, study and training issues will have very positive results, while it is possible that you will have the opportunity to travel or contact people from abroad, which will help you successfully achieve your goals. So give great importance to the people you meet during this time, because they can change your view of the world and give you valuable lessons.

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Since the planet of luck in your house symbolizes personal relationships and partnerships, during this time you will surely have the opportunity to improve the important relationships in your life. So if you were single or experienced great disappointments from the people around you, you can now form a friendship that gives meaning to your life and makes you believe in feeling and companionship again, while it is possible to reconcile with the people who have moved away from you for some reason. If you’re already committed, Jupiter in Pisces is the perfect opportunity to formalize your relationship or get closer to your partner and understand each other better. Although you are generally a logical thinker and are not easily influenced by emotion, you will now give more importance to how you feel. But luck doesn’t stop there, as Jupiter will provide equally important opportunities in your professional partnerships, so you should keep your eyes open. The deal you are closing now, or an acquaintance, will play a pivotal role in your development and help you achieve your goals. You are called to relieve stress, show a spirit of compromise, and give others the opportunity to prove their worth to you.

The scorpion

With Jupiter entering Pisces, one of the most romantic periods for you begins. Your confidence will be high now and you will feel a strong desire to flirt and enjoy the joys of life. It is very likely that love is knocking on your door now or that someone will enter your life and lift your spirits and make you feel special. If you are already in a relationship, then Jupiter in Pisces will help you get closer to your partner and children and spend beautiful moments with them. You should hear and say “I love you”, and feel the desire to express your feelings to others. But apart from love and relationships, Jupiter will give you inspiration and lift your creativity. So, whether you are an artist or want to put a business plan into action, make the most of this period to showcase your talents and promote your ideas.

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Jupiter re-enters your sign and presents you with generous luck, optimism, and opportunities to expand into the most important areas of your life. Your personal relationships will be preferred and it is possible that in the coming period you will make very important acquaintances or even find your other half. There will be people who will create beautiful feelings for you, help you heal your wounds, and leave the painful experiences of the past behind. It’s the perfect time to formalize your relationship or reconnect with your loved ones, where passion reigns. You are at a point where you will have more confidence and want to mingle, meet people, travel, and add adventure to your life. Obstacles now are just challenges for you, and you’ll hardly put them aside. After all, even your biggest dream can now come true, as long as you take advantage of opportunities and do not lose faith in your abilities, but also in life itself.