February 6, 2023

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What does the report say about Crete, Thebes, Evia and Lesbos?

The meeting of the Permanent Special Scientific Assessment Committee concluded on Thursday night (12/01). Earth quake Risk and Reduction of Seismic Risk of the OASP, which was convened after the consultation of the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Stylanides, and the President of the OASP and President of the Commission, Professor Efthymis Lekas.

According to the consensus of the members of the Commission:

  • Seismic hazard East Crete Very small according to the data available so far.
  • in its territories Thebes She too Evia New data are being recorded and evaluated with the aim of fully monitoring seismic sequences.
  • Current seismic activity in the north Lesvos It is continuously monitored. There is no evidence of activation of adjacent fault zones.

Citizens of Lesvos are advised to:

  • To avoid entering and staying in buildings damaged or temporarily declared “uninhabitable” by qualified engineers and
  • To choose safer routes when moving through the urban fabric.

Mr. Stylianidis urged the Earthquake Risk Assessment Committee to remain vigilant and continue to monitor developments to reconvene if necessary.

At the same time, all civil defense forces, including EMAK’s fire brigade, are on standby.

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