December 7, 2022

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What does Turkey support about the episode in Izmir?

In “Technical Problem” gives Turkey her Denial of the entry of the apostle Dissykostas to Smyrna And His reservation lasts for six hours.

It is reminded that The regional governor arrived at the port of Smyrna in the morning A new route connecting Thessaloniki with the Turkish cityHowever, to chair the 13th Euro-Mediterranean General Assembly (ARLEM). He found himself a prisoner without reason.

State news agency Anatoly It also confirmed the entry ban imposed on the governor of Central Macedonia There was a problem with his last namewhile attributing to him the decision to return to Greece.

“According to information received by the Turkish authorities, Digikostas, who was identified with other passengers during customs procedures in Izmir, was briefly detained by local authorities due to a technical problem arising from the similarity of the name of the person at the entry control. It has been imposed.

Local officials told Digikostas that after resolving the issue he could enter Izmir and continue his plan. In concluding, he refers to the relevant article Mr. Tzitzikostas himself refused to wait And decided to return to Greece.

Having said that, the governor himself confirmed the supremacy by his post “The Turkish government has decided to lift the unacceptable ban on my entry into Turkey.”However, he immediately decided to leave the country and return to Greece.

Theodorikakos: “The Turkish regime’s provocation exceeds all limits”

The Minister of Civil Defense was also placed on the issue. Takis TheodorikakosThere he announced that he had contacted the apostle Digitized by Google.

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In a post posted on Twitter, the minister condemned the incident and emphasized “The provocation of a neighboring country’s regime crosses all limits”.

External Affairs Ministry: “Explanations should be provided immediately”

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Saturday afternoon (05/11) that Mr. It demanded immediate explanations from Turkey on the issue of Djibouti.

We strongly condemn the unacceptable and totally wrong detention and the entry ban of the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia by Turkish authorities in Izmir earlier today.

We are waiting for the relevant Turkish authorities An explanation should be given immediately And we request them to take necessary steps to avoid such incidents in future.

The Greek Embassy in Ankara and Consulate in Izmir were mobilized from the first moment by providing appropriate representations to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.“.

Government sources: “Reasons not explained to him”

Apostolos Tzitzikostas arrived in Izmir this morning on a ship connecting Thessaloniki to Izmir to preside over the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of the EU Committee of the Regions, not just as a Greek but as a European official.Government sources informed about this issue.

When he arrived he was told that he was barred from entering the country. When he asked for the reasons, he did not give an answer. The questions that followed were the same. The regional governor contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant EU agencies. They were also not told the reason for the entry ban. Mr. Tzitzikostas will remain on board for the time being and return to Greece“.

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