August 12, 2022

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What happened on April 26?

On a day like today, On April 26, 1986, The Reactor explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Ukraine) A nuclear reactor registered in Fukushima (Japan) in 2011 causes the largest nuclear accident in history. The RPMK (high power capacitor) reactor at No. 4 Chernobyl began to burn, and those in charge of the plant did not follow safety measures. It overheated the uranium fuel and eventually exploded, scattering radioactive elements (plutonium, iodine, strontium and cesium), polluting an area of ​​142,000 square kilometers in northern Ukraine, southern Belarus and Bryansk.

The April 26, but German Condor Legion and Italian Legionary Aviation since 1937 In the framework of the Spanish Civil War, they bombed the Basque people of Gernica in Biscay. The official aim was to destroy the Renderia Bridge to prevent the withdrawal of Basque troops towards Bilbao, but the proportional force of the attack (31 to 41 tons of bombs dropped) showed that it was a method of demoralization. Troops. , Encourages citizens, thus accelerating the future decline of the Northern Front. Four hours after the bombing, the city was virtually devastated, making it difficult to quantify civilian casualties.

Do you want to know more? Find Epimeris on April 26 and see what happened, who was born and who died. Also, do not miss the celebrated, horoscopes and saints of today.

What happened on April 26?

1860: Watt-Ross signed the treaty, ending the war between Spain and Morocco in Africa.

1962: The Ranger IV lunar probe struck the moon at a great distance, making it the first visit by an American spacecraft to another celestial body. He did not send the pictures due to a technical glitch.

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1991: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is honored with the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation.

2008: The Spanish fishing vessel “Playa de Bakio”, which was captured six days ago by pirates off Somali waters, has been released.

2010: Former Panama dictator Manuel Antonio Norica has been deported to France after spending 20 years in prison in the United States.

2012: The Sierra Leone Special Court (SCLT) has convicted former Liberian President Charles Taylor of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

2018: In Spain, Audiencio de Navarra sentenced each of the 5 members of “La Manada” to 9 years in prison, not for sexual assault for the crime of continuing sexual abuse, and that sentence was later commuted.

2020: Saudi Arabia abolishes the death penalty for minors.

Who was born on April 26?

1564: William Shakespeare, English playwright.

1798: Eugene Telecroix, French painter.

1889: Ludwig Widgenstein, Austrian philosopher.

1898: Vicente Aleixandre, Spanish poet, Nobel Prize 1977.

1956: Emanol Arias, Spanish actor.

1988: Macarena Garcia, Spanish actress.

Who died on April 26?

1946: Herman A. Geiserling, German philosopher.

1984: Count Passy, ​​American jazz musician.

1989: Lucille Paul, American actress.

1994: Estanislao de Aranzadi, Spanish law publisher.

2005: Augusto Rowa Pastos, Paraguayan writer.

2017: Jonathan Demme, film director.

What is celebrated on April 26?

Today is April 26th The World Intellectual Property Day, International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day and Lesbian Vision Day.

Horoscope for April 26th

People born on April 26 belong to this Taurus zodiac sign.

Santoral of April 26th

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Good Counselor Our Lady; The saints of Seville are Isidore, Basilio, Pedro and Cleto.