June 1, 2023

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What Velopoulos wants

In the mid-90s, Kyriakos Velopoulos was considered the light version of Demosthenes Liakopoulos. Both Thessalonians sell books in the style of an American televangelist. The books are more or less generic: conspiracy theories, the Bildeberg Club, sacred secrets and Putin’s grand plan to rebuild the Byzantine Empire.

As a good talent scout, Giorgos Karatsaferis recruited them to his television network, and after a while, Adonis Georgiadis also excelled. LAOS was later established. Liakopoulos and Velopoulos were assassinated in the armor of Karatsaferis. Velopoulos won. He was elected in B. Thessalonica, voting for a memorandum, supporting the government of Papadimos. He left the party along with other MPs in May 2012. Karatzaferis called him “the ruffian of the party”. He later supported the ND but failed to make it to the ballot as the reactions were strong. After all, there have been reports that he transferred a large sum of money to Germany to protect his finances from the possibility of national bankruptcy. However, business was going well. He had a five-hour television program at his disposal to sell books and political ideas. And he was as good at it as he is today. The man knows how to sell. He also took the customer’s money with one hand and the vote with the other.

In the summer of 2016, he founded “Hellenic Solution-Kriakos Velopoulos”, the party’s full name. I attended the opening event in SEF’s packed hall. Before entering the hall, I was impressed by the crowd of people who passed by the shops selling the President’s books and miraculous holy ointments. I was struck by the party logo inspired by Safari, Apple’s program for navigating the web. details…

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The Hellenic Solution entered parliament in 2019 using its presidential base (and television time) in northern Greece. He is also said to have used a “covenant” with the Old Calendarists, a small audience of about 50,000 voters who would accept the line from his leadership. Of course, the votes received by the party must also include the votes from the “orphans” of Golden Dawn. If nothing else, Velopoulos’s political speech, though softer in the corners, has a lot in common with what Golden Dawn has to say. Besides Velopoulos’ great network of contacts: close ties with Mount Athos and positions translated directly from Russian. He stepped up to the discomfort of far-right observers for Macedonia, scooped the beans and secured a political leadership position in parliament. At the same time, he continued to sell books and products, revealing that he had the letters of Jesus. All is well with the opinion polls suggesting that the party will be ahead in the next Parliament as well.

Suddenly the publication appeared in Kontra News, a group owned by Velopoulos with whom Velopoulos maintains excellent business relationships. What did the article say? Members of the party are preparing to quit to move towards the National Democratic Alliance. In two words, Velopoulos will be paid in the same currency as he paid Karatzaferis. As the MPs left shortly before the election.

Velopoulos demanded something unprecedented from his three members of parliament: to prove their loyalty to him in other regions. Then, in the second year, indicate on the July ballot to rejoin the ballot. Unthinkable things. Two MPs, Antonis Mylonakis (Eastern Attica) and Anastasia-Aikaterini Alexopoulou (B’ Athens, Northern Sector) reacted angrily to the President’s proposal. Actually, Mr. Mylonakis threatens with revelations. A third deputy, Apostolos Avdelas, the deputy speaker of the parliament, agreed to move from Thessaloniki to Grevena, hoping that he would be on the Thessaloniki list in the next elections. Mylonakis and Alexopoulou were furious. Avdelas is shocked, this is a gentle character and he doesn’t want to resort to tension.

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There are two versions. The first, called by Velopoulos, states that MPs will enter parliament with the Greek solution, but join the KO of New Democracy. There is no evidence of such. And certainly not. A second version says that Velopoulos wants to remove certain MPs to put others in their place. He prefers new faces, and is “dynamic” in his own opinion. In Thessaloniki, he distinguished himself as a producer working on his radio and in the anti-vaccination movement. He is considered a “favourite” of the President. And for those from the Golden Tone in Attica who wanted to vote for the Cassidiari but couldn’t, the Greek solution would appear to be a refuge. Also, there was discussion about the inclusion of gold miners in the party in the autumn, when Velopoulos met the reactions of his officials. Since the party is personal, the leader prefers employees to executives with reason and opinion.

What happens next? We will see. For example, we don’t know whether disgruntled former MPs accused of defecting will use their personal influence in constituencies to respond “vindictively” to Velopoulos. On the other hand, the President believes that the relationship he maintains with the electorate will not allow leakages, rather, his decision will be confirmed by the percentage improvement. Whatever you see, what happens in the Greek solution also explains what happens in the country.

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