April 1, 2023

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When he was trusted, Fortunes did not “hide” in Derby Blogger – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K commented. Nikolakopoulos on his blog in the Official Gazette writes ten things about Fortunes and his presence in this year’s derbies.

It is said from time to time that Fortounis is now “hiding” in the big matches, in the derbies and in Europe.

Firstly In Europe he has to play from February to March 2021! When he entered as a substitute in two knockout matches of the Europa League against PSV: in 4-2 he scored the fourth goal and in the qualification goal 1-2 for Hassan in 90. And when he played the second half in Olympiacos – Arsenal 1-3 and 83 minutes in Arsenal – Olympiacos 0- 1 …

And when We are talking about Derby, he had come on then, in May 2021, as a half-time substitute in the Olympiacos-PAOK Cup Final 1-2 and scored the equalizer. Since then, with Martins surgery and quarantine, he has played again this year in Derby. Starting for a few minutes in the 1-1 draw with PAO in Leoforos and in the 0-0 draw with AEK in Karaiskakis, where despite his short participation he was really lively.

accordingly Mitchell, due to the presence of Hamis, did not put him in Derby for a minute. He’s even been given the chance to play in Derby only now after Hamis was injured: once to be exact in the second half of a cup match against AEK in Philadelphia when he came on as a 0-2 substitute and tried really hard to assist even for a goal that didn’t come in the final 0-3. And the second time in a 0-0 draw with Pau in Karaiskakis, where he played for 81 minutes.

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those that passed On Saturday, Fortounis actually played for the first time as a starter in a derby after nearly two years. And it was admittedly good. He was a level higher than 10 other PAO players, Bernard is “extremely” and, among other things, he had two excellent assists for goals that were not exploited by Bakabu and Rodini, he had two free kicks that resulted in phases for Kanos and Papastathopoulos, he has many other good assists, in addition To the good action that led to Bakaboo’s and Masura’s shots, and if he capitalized on any of the many corners he executed, he’ll have more to his credit in creating the stages.

On the contraryFortu was a fighter, not just a lassie. We’ve seen him cut, run for offside saves, steal, drop back and tackle to stop an opponent’s attack. In fact, the only thing he lacks is pressure in the area to find the opportunity to finish a stage himself, as a result of which he ended up almost in the entire 90 minutes with a shot from outside the area and a very wrong one. till then.

to conclude: From what we’ve seen this year of Fortounis in the derby, it’s just that he’s…hidden, we haven’t discovered. I could mention other players from the middle and above who “hid”, but that’s not my point now. It’s that the Greek international ace shows us that he’s here, even in tough times. and that he lacked a bit of luck to be credited with an assist and more determination to finish himself and the stages from shooting positions.

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Fortounis scored 10 goals in AEK and PAO. He has it”. We know it and he knows he ‘has it’. Let him continue like this, let him play a good and serious game today with Levadeiakos and play like he did with PAO, football will reward him very quickly.

accidental: the numbers speak for themselves, for example. In order to appoint on behalf of Kidd (Bennett) to referee the OFI-AEK match tonight, Diamantopoulos from Tripoli. Exactly four years ago, he officiated nine AEK matches. And AEK has nine wins, five away and four at home. Of these nine matches, a penalty has been whistled for AEK in five matches. In the same period, he officiated seven OFI matches. Ove has seven defeats, five at home and two away, with three penalties at Ove’s expense.

By the way, there is something about the referee of today’s Olympiacos – Levadiakos match, Athenios Perakis, who was four years old.a In Olympiacos-PAO: Before his eyes, the stage happened with Sarlias elbowing Fortounis’ face. The referee showed … offside, rather than a foul and a card (“even red,” Farouhus told Atletis Kyriaki). Berakis who was there to help the referee and tell him what really happened?

Let me remind you that shortly before Olympiacos – PAO turned into AEK-Asteras. And there are 4a The referee, Gorcilas, intervened and told the referee, Juvarra, that Astera’s player Gardavski had dealt with Araujo for a red card and sent off the Tripoli player from 4.the one minute. In Philadelphia IVa He did his job and helped the referee. in Karaiskakis where it was 4a;

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