June 9, 2023

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When will the Ukraine war end?

Despite the promises of Kremlin Last Tuesday to reduce “StrictlyHis military action Kiev And Chernikov, Anti-aircraft sirens sounded in the capital by the new Russian bombs in the last few hours. From the Ukrainian government and Mr. Volodymyr Zhelensky, President They have already stated that they do not believe in Russian promises and that it is about “re-integrating troops” to continue the offensive.

The Civil Servants of the Ukrainian Army He points out in his latest statement that Russian forces are “trying to retain occupied borders” and therefore do not carry out “active offensive operations.” They say in town SloveneskOn Donetsk, “Russian troops were reassembling and replenishing stocks.” The Russian delegation said on Tuesday it had made the discovery Progress In Speaks With Ukraine For a ceasefire.

United States Always accuses Russia Instead of moving their forces from kyiv they have to relocate. Alberto Brigo, Specialist in International Relations, Attended this Tuesday Antenna 3 News To assess the state of the war in Ukraine. In connection with Promises In the Kremlin, Brigo notes that “if Russia has shown anything, it has not been a credible country for the last 30 years.” “Ukraine, in fact, betrayed him on several occasions in the 1990s when he promised not to invade Ukraine and to respect its territorial integrity. They are right to suspect.” Collaboration.

Vladimir Putin’s plans

The expert notes that it is very difficult to know What is Putin’s plan? Because “now we need to see what real potential it has”. “I personally think he’s sitting at the negotiating table because he presents an obvious weakness in terms of his international position. Looking at the first days of the war, he did not propose to negotiate. That negotiation is taking place today. And there are things he seems to accept. Brigo.

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Alberto Brigo DistrustFuture activities of Russia: “Probably a ceasefire can be reached, even a specific peace agreement. We need to be alert to what may happen in the next few years. The Ukrainian delegation is doing very well in asking for external security guarantees.” Other states.

Putin, in a “complicated” situation

The NATO The number is mentioned Russian casualties Ukraine is at war 15,000Many in battle AfghanistanEven if they are there 10 War years. “There are indications that this figure may be true. Some media outlets in Chechnya have indicated that they will take prisoners out of prisons and take them directly to the military.” “They have mobilized their troops in many areas and are bringing in Syrian and Libyan mercenaries. They are looking for soldiers anywhere on the planet and we see that they could be in a complicated situation,” he says.

Is the ceasefire approaching?

They opened at the last hour Humanitarian corridors For evacuation of citizens in different cities and in the last hours Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vareshchuk Has confirmed that than 1,600 People escaped Like Mariupol. Alberto Brigo The evacuation is seen as a “goodwill” move by the Russian military. “The intention is to focus on the Donbass, where there will be a fierce battle for control. In principle, the idea is to reduce the presence in some areas.” Brigo warns, “This does not mean there will be attacks on kyiv.” “Kiev has a major weakness, it’s near the border, 120 kilometers away. So the missiles keep falling.” Collaboration.

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Very hard to say When will the terrible war in Ukraine end?The expert declares “I believe it A ceasefire could occur in a week or 15 days. “ “It simply came to our notice then Russia The instability in Ukraine can be maintained by the presence of forces in the areas it has conquered. This will complicate Ukraine and lead us to such a scenario Georgia This time “, Ends.