February 6, 2023

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Which team will get first immunity?

So we enter a new week and people sticking their noses everywhere start showing up. In Plain Greek this translates as “jealousy”, “rufiania” and “jealousy”. Let’s assume here that what we will see is unprecedented. What cares he has, let’s say Partzis (who entered being a Martika doll), Martica, or Chiza, what his other fellows do in their amorous affairs, or in their friendships there. Especially since all three are far behind the competition compared to the rest.

So we will see, as we told you earlier, Marius Priamos in a small hut in the middle of nowhere secretly with a player from the opposing team. More specifically Carolina. Somewhere we don’t think it’s because they sat out once or twice that they broke some rules, but maybe in Survivor you have to go through a court-martial for everything.

All-Star Survivor Immunity 01/22: Which team will get first immunity?

Now let’s go to the immunity prize, which as we told you much earlier will be tahini with bread. In other words, those who win it will get the energy. The truth is that we can only appreciate because we have not yet communicated.

A competition that requires strength and cooperation with the aim of not being particularly difficult, at least as they show us. in running and because the Warriors in both men’s and women’s running, with the exception of Carolina, are better in strength.

Now for the sake of purpose is not something that needs a university. It’s a relatively acceptable thing. Our first estimate says Fighters, but we’ll be back with Ultimate too, as we won’t be kicked out. But keep our original information too. You never know.

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