October 1, 2023

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“Who are you, madam, to destroy Manos Papagiannis?”

“Who are you, madam, to destroy Manos Papagiannis?”

The Vasya Clover She got an interview in which she spoke on Greek TV, about the legal dispute between Sofia Pavlidou and Manos Papagiannis, but she also expressed her opinion on him. Stop the beans.

The actress appeared on camera at Open Weekend and explained the scene surrounding the word Disturber she used to describe it Sofia Bavlido.

Among other things, Vasya Trivelli confirmed that she was not in front of the accident in which he was accused Manos PapagiannisHowever, he revealed that the actor had apologized in front of the entire cast:I had told Sofia not to go through with it. Good, now she is sleeping soundly? Who are you, madam, to destroy Manos Papagiannis?; ».

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As for the “mixer” comment:In the course of the speech I said it, I did not say it as a professional misrepresentation of the girl».

Vasia Triphylli did not hesitate to take a stand and express her opinion on Stamatis Fasoulis, while also announcing that she would like to participate in J2US: “Stamatis Fasoulis had nothing to do with the show, he didn’t have a special talent for show, but… there’s Stamatis. I don’t even like him. I hope you don’t find out about it, imagine I do my cross too. He didn’t do it to me personally, I would have slaughtered him. I say this in order not to upset you because it has upset many of our colleagues».

Speaking on Greek TV, the actress spoke candidly about her “love” for the small screen:I’m just watching TV now, I don’t even see a chick. I fell in love with television».

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On Monday, November 14, the trial of Sofia Pavlidou and Manos Papagiannis over the beating incident that occurred during the performance of “Petay Petay” at the Heterioni Theater in 2018 was completed.

The court convicted Manos Papagiannis of committing the crime of simple bodily harm, which actress Sofia Pavlido accused him of, while he was given a four-month suspended prison sentence.

Sofia Pavlidou was found not guilty of grievous bodily harm, however, Manos Papagiannis’ side lodged an appeal against the decision.

Sotiris Kalivatsis, Ria Totontzi, Kony Metaxa and Katya Nikolaidou testified in favor of Sofia Pavlidou, while Manos Papagiani his wife Angeliki Daliani, Vasilis Gorsis, theater producer Dimitris Angelopoulos and the show technician testified.

Besides Manos Papagiannis, his wife, Angeliki Daliani, who was also a witness in his defence, was not absent.

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