February 7, 2023

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Who will receive two additional salaries

A new decision by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Theodoros Skilakakis

until 2 salaries An annual bonus will be given to those public officials who catch or excel (in case of objection) 80%-95% of goals that have been put to them, provide the new”Motivation to achieve financial goals“.

It will be directed at those who contribute more to the defense, use and increase of public property, the fight against economic crimes, or the speedy settlement of collection and payment obligations, etc.

By a new decision of the Deputy Minister of Finance, Theodoros SkilakakisIt defines standards and gives clarifications. How do and l Who is the will be given Bonus.

It also explains, among others: · Incentives for achieving financial goals (KEDS) that “can be paid” for Achieving specific quantitative targets Determined by a decision of the Minister of Finance for each service.


Civil servants and regulars The General Directorates of Financial Services of the Ministries, the Financial Services of the Presidency of the Republic and the Presidency of the Government, and the State Audit Bureau (GLK), as well as other services and bodies that are supervised or subordinate to the Ministry of Finance.

reward paid every yearfor the goals set for the previous calendar year.

Each supervisor should evaluate the percentage of each employee’s participation in the implementation of the objectives that have been set. To set the incentive amount.

For every employee , The remuneration, per year, cannot exceed 15% of the total annual basic salary and allowance for the position of responsibility For every employee

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Motivation does not compensate for personal difference They are subject to insurance fees and other deductions from additional earnings.

KEDS Foundation basedParticipation and contribution of each employee in implementing the set goals.

It is not given horizontally Because in this way it will not constitute a system of incentives and rewards but rather a measure of reward, which is anything but contributing to maximizing the performance of the employee.

Competent supervisors are invited to familiarize themselves with KEDS at their discretion, Depending on the participation of its employees in achieving the desired goals, Avoid equivalence phenomena.

Basic criteria On the basis of which the beneficiaries will be judged, for the specific objectives – depending on the sector or service – they will be, among others:

  • Checking, reviewing and issuing postal remittancesAs well as paying it within thirty days of uploading the electronic file of the application to the competent official.
  • Reducing the country’s arrears.
  • Monitor and promote supporting documents compensation from women.
  • EFCA: Timely issuance of retirement documents within two months.
  • Prepare annual budget control program by July 30thsubject to the completion of the necessary data entry from the services responsible for its collection.
  • Timely processing and analysis of energy sector indicators In the domestic and international markets, to use these elements in determining financial interventions and in general in economic and financial planning.
  • GPS-DD: Digitization of areas, tables, prices, coefficients and forms of the substantive system and concern for the formation and operation of the information platform / website “valuemaps.gov.gr” in cooperation with the General Administration of Geographic Information Systems.
  • Process formal opinion reports and send them in a timely manner to the Center of Excellence, Concerning adjudication of applications for annulment of ministerial decisions related to determining the prices of the substantive system.
  • Real estate services: Evaluation of requests, information and complaints regarding cases of violation of legislation relating to the protection of public property, seashores, the beach and ancient seashores through the activities of natural or legal persons, and the transfer of relevant documents, if necessary, to the relevant services, in order to carry out relevant investigations and examinations, within twenty days from entering the real estate service to the last relevant entry.
  • SDOE: Evaluate requests and information related to money laundering cases from criminal activities, and refer relevant requests, when necessary, to the relevant departments in the Directorate General of Sustainable Development Department, in order to conduct relevant investigations and examinations, within twenty days from the date of entering the address of the last relevant recipient.
  • Borrower Support Information Address: Answer the questions within two days of the submission date.
  • Depositary and Loan Fund: Improving the possibility of collecting overdue debts
  • The number of donation cases in favor of the outgoing country / the number of new cases from donations to benefit the state created during the same semester.
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