November 29, 2022

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Wiretapping: Tendias in Predator Networks – Harassment at Embassies and Secret Services – News – News

Foreign Minister’s phone tapping Nicos DentiasIdentified a year ago, “Sunday’s insurance” and the statement of Vassilis Lambropoulos reveals that it has already taken serious political and diplomatic consequences.

Vassilis Lambropoulos explains in his detailed and revealing report on the dark wiretapping network and the “culprits” for its introduction and implementation. Hunting In Greece, at some point the Paracenter moved the threads “began a circle of agreements on the use of illegal software outside of national security issues. Mainly of interest to ND ministers who do not have good relations with the “Paracenter” in question.”

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“Much of the surveillance data that reached Maximos Palace, without many knowing how this special information was produced, mainly from within the government sector”.

Tendias is also a target

“Foreign Minister Nicos Dentias was among those whose phone was intercepted – via suspicious SMS – a year ago,” the report said.

With the research conclusion of Vassilis Lambropoulos that the businessman Yiannis Lavranos has a direct link with the introduction and implementation of Predator in Greece, and then with his close relationship with Grigoris Dimitriadis and the selection of “victims” of the predatory software, Mr. During his tenure, Dentias blocked plans to establish a coded communications system by another of Lavranos’s companies, “Sepura” (the successor to the Olympic Communications System). “Tetra”) with the non-existent company’s ‘donation’ trick.”

Earthquakes within and outside borders

“The above surveillance by the External Affairs Minister has caused disruptions in many diplomatic missions and secret services of foreign countries like Europe, America, Middle East,” a release from Vimas said.

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This is because Mr. Tendias was in regular contact with important foreign politicians and diplomats and the illegal software sent to his mobile phone could record their important secret conversations even at their meeting place.

“According to some press sources, it appears that foreign agencies have already launched an investigation into Mr. Dentia’s mobile phone and those who sent the Predator beyond.” Vassilis Lambropoulos concludes the report.

Strong criticism of the government

SYRIZA is demanding answers from the prime minister for what Vima brought to light on Sunday.

Tendia’s surveillance is of national importance, as he underlines in the publication of the newspaper “Du Vima Dis Kiriaki”, confirming the list of names of ministers placed under surveillance.

Official opposition officials, who say there is “no more room” for the official opposition, have indicated that they are waiting to see if this time Kyriakos Mitsotakis will talk about “storytellers” and whether government ministers will jail “Vimas” journalists.

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