February 6, 2023

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“With my hand on my heart, I apologize.”

A public apology has been requested before Stamatina Tsimtsilis energy in his air Happy dayOn the morning of Thursday, 19/1. The reason for the presenter’s apology was a mistake made in Lefteris Mitsopoulos’ column.

“I want some of your attention, because I want to say that the Holocaust, as you all know, and the millions of lives that were lost in one of the darkest pages of history is rightfully considered one of the greatest crimes against humanity. This is in fact very serious and haunts the lives of all people and it is a crime that should not be forgotten It should never be repeated.

It is no coincidence that on the 27ththe January is Holocaust Remembrance Day and is recognized by Greece. It is more than self-evident, said Stamatina Tsimtsili at the beginning, that no joke, even without intent, without purpose, unknowingly and unconsciously, should be associated with this event.

“Because he made a mistake by a partner in our show and passed a snapshot of Auschwitz into Lefteris Mitsopoulos’ column. Hand in hand, I apologize on behalf of and on behalf of our partner who made that mistake and without intent. Of course I apologize to us too, because as the head of the show I owe it to you to apologize if any wrong association is made and we have offended some people, ”added Stamatina Tsimtsili.

“It was neither done consciously nor on purpose, and it is understandable that when we realized something was not right, I think it was shown by everyone’s reaction but also by our intention in the moment to ask for that sincere apology. It is important, when a mistake is made, that Go ahead and acknowledge it and have the courage to address the people we have offended and ask for a sincere apology,” concluded the Happy Day host.

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