December 3, 2022

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World Cup 2022: “Good evening, Doha” … in Portuguese, with Giannakopoulos recalling his memories! (photo)

Yiannis Sapoundzakis has arrived in Doha and writes about the trip to the capital of … the world, which hid many surprises taken from the miracle of Portugal!

Mission to Qatar: Yannis Sapondzakis

So let’s go to Doha. This is where the heart of the entire planet will be beating for the next month, and that’s because it will be hosted on the 22nd world Cup. Round goddess friends from every corner of the world have already arrived or are expected to arrive in the coming days in catarrhto enjoy the most important football date.

We arrived on Friday afternoon (11/18), traveling with him Stelios Giannakopouloswho will have the role of commentator on Ant1 Which also has the right to televise the tournament. Inadvertently, the former player of our national team awakened bad memories for two Portuguese fans who were traveling with us for the Doha In order to support the efforts of soccer players Fernando Santos.

Once both of them noticed his presence, they asked us if he was indeed one of the members of the team that wrote the 2004 saga. Since he was initially confused by a Portuguese… CaragonianThen he did not hide that even if more than 18 years had passed, these two losing matches in the premiere and final had irreparably damaged the tournament host at that time.

Then, in fact, he gave their own explanation for the negative result for them in the Grand Final, because as he said it is usually a choice Felipe Scolari to use it deco in the original form instead Roy Costaproved fatal.

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But the man in question made no secret of his big dream. “I want to see Portugal in the World Cup final before I die.” After all, that is why they, together with a friend, started by road from their homeland at the end of September to get to Doha. Because, however, they were not allowed to cross its borders Armenia with the Iranforced to travel through Athens for catarrh by air. At least, brilliant, their initial plan!

Portugal fan 2

Of course we can’t help but ask them which team they support in their country. As it turns out, there are preferences that differ. One city, two teams, you see. One of them is her friend Benfica And as he revealed to us he has a weakness Odyssey Flashodemuswhile her other sporting lisbon, We have high expectations of another child of ours, he Sotiris Alexandroupoulos.

Otherwise, everything on the plane smelled like football. After all, the airline we flew with is also his sponsor world Cupafter making sure that the organization’s logo adorns everything from its planes to the pillows and headphones it supplies passengers with.

IMG headphones

The message printed on the pillows also testifies to the motivations of sports fans everywhere to travel catarrh And experience one’s atmosphere up close world Cup. Football is a passion. Not unfairly. What word can best describe the feelings stirred up by the round goddess?


The Greeks and non-residents on board were asking us if it was the purpose of our trip world Cupwhile during the nearly 4 hours that it lasted, many chose to watch on the plane screens videos that were embedded on the company’s platform and were related to football, such as a documentary about Diego Maradona or else off track Croatia as his final world Cup to her from Russia In 2018. Proof that everything revolves around a sphere.

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IMG Maradona

Good evening Doha, So! Or if you prefer it is a continuation of the title of the present “First Doha”!