November 29, 2022

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XA+ Markets (259): many small and large interests (19 + 20/11)

With a strong upward trend, stock indices on the Athens Stock Exchange after the previous bearish sessions, Tuesday, March 3, 2020. APE-MPE / APE-MPE / Pantelis Saitas

Manos Hatzidakis: Last week was more practical, picking up a streak of six straight weeks. Second readings of Q3 results were due because the banking industry has been at the center of the debate over corporate profitability.

  • In addition, a slow but gradual increase in average daily market activity was observed with an increase in pre-agreed deals associated with the closing of institutional management books and reclassification to indices in the near future.

At the same time, it seems that the time has come to complete the procedures of companies that, in the near future, may not have the necessary conditions for a smooth closure due to the uncertainty in the political environment.

  • So last week, after Eurobank and Alpha Bank, the National Bank and Piraeus Bank closed their notional MREL commitments until the first half of 2023, and now they are comfortably going through summer stress tests.

Overseas, the time until the US inflation announcement is appropriate to improve some valuations where at least justified. Next week is traditionally quiet on the youth side as the market holiday in the US is expected to dampen interest somewhat.

@ 11:10 am

Elias Zacharakis: DG made the lower correction to 880 units where they are holding it for the time being. If now the upside attempts again in the very dangerous area 900, then 880 can also become our daily stop. Viohalco Group and Informatiki seem to have popped in the past week while diminishing shifts in bearish sessions.

OPAP and OTE are doing their best to pressure the market with OPAP maintaining a buy signal in yesterday’s session. Now if we lose the 880 area, we might see a move towards the 861 level, with less chances for now.

@ 11:15 am

construction work: aThe big players are getting ready for the next day. Ellactor has been recapitalized with a new shareholder, INTRAKAT respectively with new shareholders and a new big AMK on the horizon.

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  • They expect to run major projects in the coming years. They also managed to move into positive territory for 2022 (2978 closing 2021) while 3138 is the largest Manufacture or rest time. At 2970 close support with stops at 2912. Ahead is Attica Street competition…

@ 12:35 p.m

  • Galaxy Cosmos – in the galaxy of the universe
  • NASA: Discovered the oldest galaxy in the universe – born 300 million years after the Big Bang. This is the oldest galaxy…
  • And “110” found out hers…she needed it desperately…

@ 12:45 p.m

Sunrise – sunrise, but also from “110”. Lest it be called an investor disaster…

  • Speaking of which, their minds have been corrupted, by the terrifying indifference, ignorance and half-knowledge that plagued them… In fact, half-knowledge is worse than ignorance…
  • The board is not roulette, it is a chessboard and whoever understands, understands …
  • Fortunately, our readers stand out from the crowd. And we say we are very happy and thrilled.
  • For trolls, jealous people, psychics or whatever you want to call it…we recommend…vinegar!.

@ 12:50 p.m

Does the bride cough does the marriage fail? 27% discount Against redemption for her title epsilon Network… Somewhere in February 2022 and after a rise at 5 euros, within a month the title recorded a price of 7.50 euros .. since then the level has not been witnessed again, and we heard yesterday Deal National at this level with a ceiling of 400 metersa Deal It will make us look at the industry comparatively, and remember again…not that it’s the right thing.

@ 1:10 p.m

Bisexual, ill fate is on the board… It is unfortunate that their shareholder investors, because they have come across the state of managements without the passion, vision and ambitions for their creativity. Who cannot or does not want to understand that the trajectory of the external image of their shares is very important.

  1. Champions
  3. Olympic technique
  4. BRIQ properties
  5. performance techniques
  6. Plastic from Thrace
  7. Biocalco
  8. eydap
  9. Verses
  10. asco
  11. outer space
  12. flexopack
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To mention the aforementioned is NAMELY, because these are companies from which investors, and therefore the market (especially this company), have demands to provide oxygen in a stifling environment…not just to look at our pockets. And of course…

@ 1:20 p.m

  • CENER (walking fine), ELHA (starting to get up), but when it’s the turn of the little group (partially)…the iron ore will be lost!

Events calendar


11/21/22 | SEP current account balance

Results (Q3 / 9 – 22)

11/21/22 | Hellenic Exchanges

11/22/22 | PPC, OPAP, Fourlis Holdings, Epsilon Net

11/23/22 | Motor Oil, Lambda Development, Quest Holdings

11/24/22 | Elval Halkur

11/30/22 | The perfect collectible

Extraordinary General Assembly / Ordinary General Assembly

11/23/22 | Bly Kidros Rick (EGM)

11/29/22 | Ellactor (EGM)

01/12/22 | Intracat (EGM)


11/21/22 | Engine oil (temporary € 0.40)

05/12/22 | Papoutsanis (temporary €0.02)

09/12/22 | Jumbo (special cash distribution €0.385)

11/01/23 | HELLENiQ ENERGY (extra temp 0.25 €)

Previous capital return

05/12/22 | Autohelas (1.00 € / share)

manicure today

lambda (ΓΚ @ ΝΝ): And the Minister of Development goes with the CEO to show that the project is progressing, because they say they accuse him of not progressing and to prove his progress, he shows the camera a bulldozer and a small bulldozer at that. just one!! This means that you have more machinery to build a house.

  • It obviously didn’t show a picture of the whole construction site, but if there are 20 machines somewhere else, that’s probably where to go. This is not a picture of a large project running normally as we have seen it. What is ahead is the disabled project implemented by EKTER. Perhaps all this will also be reflected on the dashboard.

M / M: Three and they left Coco …

Giorgos Katikas:

Biohelco Group (GC @ BN): It was due today, as Cenergy’s strong results point to good results for ELVALHALCOR and Viohalco as well. ELHA broke the 200-day exponential moving average and closed at a 5-month high, with an increase of 6.22%. Finally we say! Cenergy management expects a further increase in backlog according to what was said on the conference call, while still considering investments to increase production. At +2.60% this one and at +2.96% Viohalco.

Let’s not forget – There are (3) types of “stock prophets”:

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This document may refer to specific financial statements that may not correspond to the investment horizon + profile of specific investors. Investing in some financial assets may involve significant risks and opportunity costs.

Readers of this document are solely responsible for confirming the accuracy of the information provided and for being informed of any revisions to financial quantities and estimates that occur.