September 22, 2023

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Yannis Kotsiras: A touching message about the loss of his parents

Yannis Kotsiras: A touching message about the loss of his parents

the Cotseras GiannisOn the occasion of Christmas and New Years, he remembered his youth with his parents who had passed away.

The well-known artist wanted, through a long post, to stress how important the absence of his parents is, but also how we should spend these sacred days next to our loved ones.

“The season of Christmas and New Years always hides joy in it. And of course some sadness accompanying that, as Father was always absent. He used to send Merry Christmas telegrams trying to fit as much love as possible into the limited words of the telegram. Later it was a little better.” , where it was possible to talk over the radio and radio Athens (…)

Now both are missing. Although on such days their presence is always stronger. who do you know; Perhaps they will send us a wonderful telegram wishing us a happy birthday. So the festive atmosphere is very intense. sharper than ever.
How could it be otherwise?

With two adorable little kids who make up the house and one gorgeous girl who lights up the world. Not to mention my daughter’s wonderful family, who come almost every year from Katerini and fill the house with lovely people. Cardassier. And of course also Carlos, who, like another Rudolph Baboli, barks a few words saying Merry Christmas in his own way “, among others, Yannis Kotserras recalled.

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