March 29, 2023

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Yant equation |

One could say cheerfully, or perhaps quite justifiably, that the space of the radical left today receives arguments of chronic approval, to the point of provocatively accompanying the space of anti-authoritarianism.

Dimitris Vitsa’s pedophilia – announced by the anarchists but no other “witnesses” – the damage to vehicles in Komondoro and the beating of Yannis Varoufakis in Exarchia, are utterly repugnant acts, in the only democracy we all accept. Aside from SYRIZA, as well as in the declaration he made about Varoufakis, he still insists on giving credentials to “children”, recognizing … many democracies.

But for SYRIZA, the anti-authoritarian space has always been an arm that, although it did not come directly from its body politic, always had a functional relationship with it. From its lightest version to its solid core.

Clearly rewarding relationship.

Among his first concerns in 2015 were the terrorists imprisoned on the 17th of November and the fire intentions. Type C prisons were abolished. The law that stated that Baripoinites and those imprisoned for terrorism must complete 18 years before they could obtain permission from the prisons, was changed and dropped to 8. The Koufontinas, Xiroi and other terrorists were found,… indalmas of the Exarchia in rural prisons, with licenses and privileges. Symbolic was Yanis Dragasakis’ understanding of “our children” who demanded “victory” for Roba and Maziotis.

The complete humiliation of the Parliament and the Police of the Eyes of the Rubicon, when, during the presidency of Photsis, the patrol cars which carried members of the Rubicon, had received the order – after bathing in the peristyle – not only to release them but also to return them to where they had been taken. That is, back to Parliament!

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Political speech, continuous coverage. With a sarcasm and arrogance not befitting a prime minister, Alexis Tsipras joked with Costas Tzavarra about the harm of Molotov cocktails and how it depends on which side you’re on when they fall. While three Marvins were burned by Molotov cocktails, businesses were destroyed and once destroyed downtown Athens.

It was, and still is, clear that during its administration, SYRIZA fulfilled the basic “demands” of the anti-authoritarian space and “space” returned it to the government at that time, suspending its work and … political opponents.

I don’t think that relationship has changed even today.

Varoufakis hit in 2023, because he voted on the memorandum in 2015, we are forced to remember that opponents of tyranny were not at all “outraged” when the word “No to popular will” was thrown into the trash, nor about Tsipras’ third memorandum when he handed over public property with his signature to the lenders for 99 years.

Something isn’t quite right with Yant’s equation…