December 3, 2022

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Yiannis Zoganelis outburst about the trap and his daughter: what’s happening is crazy

Disarmament interview was conducted by Yannis Zoganelis In “Smile Again!”.

Yiannis Zouganelis has made it clear that he will not collaborate with Petros Filippidis and Dimitris Lignadis again.

“I will not work with Filippidis and Lignadis, I am against any form of violence. Theater incidents heard are in the minority compared to those in offices and banks. In the #MeToo movement, violence is not sold, but who does it and under what circumstances does it.”

As for the trap, he said that he is in a vertical disagreement with her representatives. “I can’t take part in a party knowing in advance that there will be someone talking about fake guns and people. They are fascist, I don’t understand them, I hate them. If they ask me to come to MAD for the first prize and I know it’s there, I won’t go. They are cowards and in vain.”

His distaste was that the presenters did not take his music seriously.

“They approached me and asked for my grandson. They ask me if my daughter has divorced and it was not on my daughter-in-law’s birthday. Is this about the world? It was my birthday and so was I. I was very moved when Harula handed the wand to Eleonora “he confirmed in conclusion.

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