December 5, 2023

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You will not start a match in any European country with a pending breach.

You will not start a match in any European country with a pending breach.

The banners posted the previous days at the SEF and OPAP Arena provoked a reaction from Aris Portosalte, with the journalist saying that no match would start in any serious European country without it being removed.

The recent tragedy in Tempe with 57 lives lost shocked all of Greece and the world wanted to show its anger and indignation at the bad words in our country, through banners hung during sports matches.

Such banners, with messages to politicians as well as to journalists, appeared in SEF during Olympiacos’ EuroLeague matches last week (with Barcelona and Alba) and in the OPAP Arena on Sunday (12/03) as part of the derby between AEK and Olympiacos of the Stoiximan Super League, where no Aris Portosalte hides his annoyance with its content during his TV appearance on “SKAI”:

“Warm congratulations to Olympiacos, when we are at a loss to say it. But, should this match start yesterday? In any European country, anywhere, if we consider Europe, the match would start with hanging rags.

I also saw it at SEF yesterday, it was about me. I say that no European country blows the whistle unless the breach falls. It does not rise anywhere, because there are serious institutions. In Greece, unfortunately, we do not have serious institutions.

Nor does sports justice first and foremost the Ministry of Sports. The Italian referee came out yesterday, he sees some rags, he shouldn’t say “what does he say here man?”. Someone tells him and he doesn’t start the match.

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I am not saying this because Olympiacos won. I, as AEKtzis, put it to management. As for SEF in Olympiacos”The journalist confirmed, among other things, Monday morning (03/13).