December 7, 2022

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YouTube on mobile has gained a new niche

a few days ago Youtube release announced From its new appearance, which also brings new functions. Among the new functions is a very useful and beautiful trick, which is valid Only for the YouTube mobile appwhich has been requested by many users for a long time and has finally arrived.

New Zoom Trick

refer to pinch to zoom The feature that lets you zoom in to the last pixel in the video you’re watching. How will you do that? First, make sure you have the latest update to the YouTube app on your Android and iOS device.

Then enlarge the video you are watching With two fingers, as you do in the photo. very simple!

Also, the Precision Search feature has arrived, which gives more precision to rewind and fast forward to find the point you want more easily, even moving frame by frame in the video.

Find out more about YouTube’s new mobile features by clicking here.

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