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Zambitas went to prison after his mother-in-law complained that he “disgraced” her 15-year-old daughter

On this day in 1925, Giorgos Zambitas was born, and he had an adventurous relationship with his wife.

the George Zambitas He was born on January 25, 1925 at the Plato Academy. He was originally from Kythnos.

the [1945[1945met his wife I earn moneyfor which he spent four months in the prison. the reason; to me “Time MachineBecause he “insulted” her before their marriage, his mother-in-law punished him.

His mother-in-law denounced him during the period when he committed insanity while doing his military service. One night when he was on guard he had drunk far too much. He lost control and shot some down shots airborne. As his mother-in-law’s complaint came, he entered the prison for four months.

the George Zambitas Says…

«I did prison time in the Air Force. Four disciplinary months. I have eaten for eight months. Get over it and let it go. Because I have my wife. Her mother took me to court and in court the president said to me why did you explain like that?

How do you want me to explain?

Eight months in prison. Won’t you take it?

Let’s go let’s go!

And they put me in jail. What should I tell them? Let me greet them too; ».

the Katrina Zambita (Zampeta’s daughter) tells…

«Dad met my mother in 45. She was only 15 years old. He was born on October 13, 1930. His mother was a neighbor and friend of his father’s sisters. The father, his sisters, and their parents lived in their father’s house in Ira Odos. The mother lived near them, Efros and Aristido.

In the evening they took her with them for entertainment. The mother was beautiful. She had lush, long, auburn hair, which she let caress her slender shoulders. It was short and thin, like a miniature. It is very easy to get dad’s attention. Despite the fact that at that time he was in a relationship with another woman, eight years older than him. Eurydice. Of course, this commitment did not prevent him from courting Argyro.

Years later – both jokingly and seriously – he himself used to say: “I’ve never had a chick. I’ve always had three. I had the first ‘voodoo’, the second ‘cavanza’ and the third ‘at the grill’.” In this case, he had Eurydice “to drink.” And the mother is “in the oven”. He took her and they went out with his sisters. During the time my parents were dating, my father would go to taverns in the evenings to “study” music, as he called it. Sometimes he played as a guest, sometimes he was asked to play. Argyros’ mother, my grandmother, resented Katina, of that.She did not want her daughter to be associated with the man of the night.

Are you going back with that bum again? He was yelling at her. With the guy who hangs out with all the bastards? You will not see them hairy and fast growing!

However, Argyro seems to have fallen in love with the father. At first, of course, she kept him at a distance, which drove him crazy.

– Look at the little boy, – said the father sarcastically. Look at the “cones”. I’ve thrown up lots and lots and the nappy is holding me back.

Argyro wanted to make sure of it first. In order to bring her down he had to … arrange a wedding for her.

Do you like to withdraw and walk together?

-So we should get married?

– Yes hey!

-Are you telling me the truth?

– On my word of honor!

– Will you swear to me?

– For my magic, for my little boy. The reason is the contract.


For the father, of course, all these promises were probably … words that travel in the wind, like autumn leaves. Years later, when they were talking about their first moments, the father made his own self-criticism: “Did I say such things? Where did I say that? How did they turn out for me?” And they were drinking. In the haze of wine and lust, he made the big mistake. He slept with Argyro. While she was still a minor.

At that time, every female’s “honor” was a sacred thing. “You disrespect the girl”? You should have made the adjustments ASAP. The mother came home after her night of love and confronted her angry mother.

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What time is it, Rola? Who were you with? What the hell are those? Speak! The mother was at first startled and unresponsive. However, the grandmother began to “bubble”. He pounced on her like a raging tiger.

– With whom were you my child? Speak! I will skin you alive.

– with George. Giorgos Zambita.

Shame on you? Underage daughter? He’ll marry you right away, do you hear? immediately!

The next day, Katina is knocking on Zampetico’s door, determined to demand justice for her daughter.

– Mr. Michalis, I’m going to ask you something. If one of your daughters “spoiled”, what would you do?

– I will kill him, – answered the grandfather immediately.

Well, your son is not well.

– Why do you say that, Mrs. Katina?

-Why do you insult my daughter, that’s why. Shame on him for misleading a minor.

– George your daughter? No way.

-What I tell you. Your son “spoiled” my daughter, Mr. Michalis. She confessed to me herself. After that, it is your son to take it back. To wash my daughter’s honor.


Grandpa became a wild beast once Katina left. He had five daughters. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her. Father at that time was serving in the Air Force. Before going out, the ancestor first met Eurydice.

– Eurydice, I know how you are with my son. Please answer something I’m going to ask you. Have I annoyed you?

– No, Mister Michalis. -Thank God. At least he did it with one oil.

– So?

– “Go” with Argyro. As you understand, my girl, you have to hold back. It is his duty to marry her.

– I realized a long time ago that something was wrong with her. I was watching her go with your girls to the factory and I felt suspicious. I made George’s scenes. I didn’t want to lose him.

– I’m sorry, girl, but the right thing is the right thing. My son now owes Argyro. With her, he did “kutchukela”, she has to take back, you understand.

– Since then, Eurydice murmured bitterly. At some point, the father went on vacation. He had arranged to go with his captain to a feast. As soon as he entered the house, my grandfather was waiting for him, it looked stormy.

Damn you, she said as soon as she saw him. What do you have with Argyro?

-I haven’t done anything. I have to go now. The captain is waiting for me outside in the jeep. I take something and leave.


He opened the bedside table, which he always locked, took something and left. However, in his haste, he forgot to leave the counter open. The grandfather, who was being chased by snakes, realized this. He walked over to the bedside table and opened it. And he finds Argyros’ underwear hidden inside. Became angry. It started blooming again. In vain, poor Grandma Marika struggled to comfort him.

And grandmother Katina, however, was not limited to grandfather. He went to the camp, to the Air Force, and there he attacked Fr.

– I didn’t want you to be my son-in-law! But the way I did it, you either take it now or I’ll let you know.

– I’ll take it, but not now. Let me finish first.

-right Now. Otherwise, I’d burn you.

– And how will I live it, Mrs. Katina?

-I don’t care. If you want to avoid imprisonment, you will marry her immediately. -Can not be done.

– Well, I’ll arrange for you, said Katina. And he did not stop at threats. They said it and they did it. File a complaint. The commander called my father and asked for an explanation.

– I love Rola and will marry her, the father promised. But once I finish the army. Now how do I get it? Where should I take it?

But with this incident, another incident occurred in the camp. One night when the father was watching, he had drunk too much. He lost control and fired a few shots into the air. Katina’s complaint is also coming. Put him in jail. for four months.

In general, the father was very law-abiding. And he certainly does not want to have a tainted criminal record. But maybe he was convinced of the grandmother’s behavior. Since then, I think he was repelled by his mother-in-law. Perhaps that is why later, in mother-in-law-themed Greek films, he would flaunt his whole body. And he often sang in the centers ‘from his sharp mother-in-law».

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the George Argyro finally got married in September 1952 And they stayed together until the end of their lives. With her he had two daughters, Marika in 1953 and Katrina in 1954, as well as son Michalis in 1956.

*Source: the book “Giorgos Zambitas, I will fall into the depths of the sea”