February 6, 2023

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Zodiac Signs – Litsa Patera: Full Moon and Tuesday Forecast (Video) | Zodiac signs


Zodiac Signs – Litsa Patera: Full Moon and Tuesday Forecast (Video)

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Detailed forecasts for all signs of the zodiac, from the astrologer in the “To Proinono” show, Litsa Patera.

“Venus and Mercury stay in Sagittarius and have fun, but tomorrow’s full moon makes things difficult.” said the Litsa Patera Before the zodiac forecast, in the show “breakfast”.

The astrologer confirmed on the show that “Jupiter will move into Aries, which means business will go well and people will go shopping.”

Immediately after that, the astrologer displays, next to her Maria Corinthio, stated Its detailed predictions for each zodiac sign.

Watch astrological predictions from Litsa Patera, in the show “breakfast”:

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