November 29, 2022

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Zodiac signs – Litsa Patera: Mercury, relationships and “hard” Pluto (video) | zodiac signs


Zodiac signs – Litsa Patera: Mercury, relationships and “hard” Pluto (video)

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Detailed predictions for all signs of the zodiac, from the astrologer in the “To Proinono” show, Litsa Patera.

I spoke today with a mixed sign Litsa Pateraon Thursday, at the beginning of the astrological predictions section, in the show “breakfast”.

like he said Astrologerwhile today Mercury makes a good side with the planet Mars and increases the desire for children, friends, company and contacts, while also making a square with the planet Pluto.

Litsa’s father explained that Pluto “hard” It brings bitter words, hard news, and burnt personal affairs.

“Pay attention to how you treat the word, it is often more painful than a slap”, Litsa Patera advised.

As mentioned Moon in Scorpio It will make us want to be happy, have fun, go on vacation and see our loved ones, which can happen Three days October 28.

Right after that, she mentioned the show astrologer, with Maria Corinthio by her side Her detailed predictions for each zodiac sign.

Watch the astrological predictions from Litsa Patera in the show “breakfast”:

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