February 5, 2023

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Zodiac signs that in 2023 will seek reunion with exes – Makeleio.gr

They will realize their mistake and come back to ask for a second chance (maybe a third or fourth, depending on how wrong they were in the breakup).

If you belong to one of the signs that we will reveal to you a little below, know that in 2023 it is very likely that you will try to get back together with one of your ex. She will look for him/her and make all the necessary moves to be together again.

Whether or not he will accept you is another matter and depends on your personal scheme. But let’s see a little below what are the signs that the new year will return to the previous one.

Let’s start things from the beginning. There are two “responsible” planets for returning exes. And this is none other than Mercury and, of course, Venus, which is primarily associated with our emotional life.

So during the period when these two planets are retrograde in specific signs, you will see most returns (or even disasters hahaha) from the signs that are directly affected.

So we start with Mercury’s return during the year, which signs will be affected and of course when. Mercury’s first retrograde will occur from 04/22/2023 (15° 34 ‘Taurus) to 05/15/2023 (05° 51’ Taurus).

So, as you understand, the people who would be thinking and hitting on exes would be Taurus and Capricorn who would have Mercury in their first and fifth houses respectively.

They are the ones who will take the initiative to send a text, make a phone call, or even just pop up in front of their ex to ask back into their lives.

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Mercury’s next retrograde is from 08/25/2023 (21°44′ Virgo) to 09/16/2023 (08°01′ Virgo).

Virgo is directly affected, as well as Taurus, who will have Mercury in their first house and the other in their fifth. This means that there will be… comebacks and they will fall in their face to demand an ex again.

Mercury’s third and final retrograde of the year will be from 12/14/2023 (08°22′ Capricorn) to 01/22/2024 (22°11′ Sagittarius). Capricorn and Virgo will be the preferred candidates for this period to achieve their return and chase an old love.

These are generally self-bearing signs and you hardly “drop them” to ask them back, so if you get a message from them, know that they probably mean what they say and really mean when they want you back.

Last but not least on our relevant list are Leos and Sagittarius. These two signs will be pushed back when they begin to receive the influence of Venus retrograde from 07/24/2023 (28° 34 ‘Leo) to 09/04/2023 (12° 12’ Leo).

Proud Leos will frown and claim old love in their own way. For a Sagittarius, it will be easier for them to get back together, as they are also more relaxed characters and they clearly don’t have a bad ego like a Leo.