July 14, 2024

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10 Famous Greek Women Who Cheated on Their Partners and Admitted It – We Made Fun of the Last One – Makeleio.gr

10 Famous Greek Women Who Cheated on Their Partners and Admitted It – We Made Fun of the Last One – Makeleio.gr

However, these celebrities do not hesitate to admit that they have been unfaithful.

When asked if she had cheated, Demeter Matsuoka He answered directly:

“I cheated, why should I feel remorse? I find it wrong and selfish not to forgive infidelity. Those of us who have disbelieved know that in the end it means nothing.”

In a previous statement, Natalie German He admitted: “Yes, I did but the relationship was at an end. We may not have said it, but it was a given that we were going to break up, so I felt really free inside.

Natalia Germano 3

Polygamy is declared by nature. Marie Solomon: “In almost every relationship I’ve had I’ve been a cuckold. It’s not something I have in my user manual. When love passes, which unfortunately it does at some point, there’s a man’s nature that I think is polyamorous.

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the I Visi The man who will be 59 in a few days has admitted that he was unfaithful and in fact doesn’t regret it at all because he’s his own… worth it. We imagine he’s not referring to Karvelas.

And for revenge, she cheated too. Eleonora Stady:

“I had a moment of revenge. I threw a horn at the one who threw it at me. My soul was happy about it. I waited until the right person came along. He showed up and I left him and I was happy and stayed with the other man for 4 whole years. That upset the other one, because it wasn’t a coincidence. Of course he found out, because I was very much in love and he was coming to my house, he was begging my father and I was telling him it was too late.”

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Crateros Katsoulis should be careful if we judge his wife by previous statements. Katrina Caravato:

“Who hasn’t been unfaithful in the past? Long-term monogamy, they tell me, is hard, and I hope we can make it work.”


The absolute feminine valve Barba He has publicly admitted to being unfaithful on several occasions. He says he has ruined men.

“I was selfish in my glory. Ruthless in my lovers… There are countless men I have destroyed. Just when I would tell someone they would be my love forever, at the same time I would leave. I had the vanity of beauty. I was always looking for the best. And even when I had the best, I could not appreciate it.”


– Regretting the marital infidelity she committed in her life Tatiana Stefanidou.

“I cheated too. What I did was wrong. I understand that and I’m sorry. I should have said ‘I’m done’ and we should have moved on. But that didn’t happen. It actually happened shortly before the relationship ended. But the fact that it happened before I could say goodbye was my fault and a big one at that.”

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As I admitted Marie Bakodemu It was corneal before.

I'm sorry

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t cheat. We’ve all done it,” he also said. Helen Foreera.

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