February 20, 2024

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10 long coats that will give you the timeless elegance of the movie heroine

10 long coats that will give you the timeless elegance of the movie heroine

maximum coat She gives style and charm to the heroine of the film and stands out in one of the most popular coats of the season.

Coats have a special place in every wardrobe. They belong to pieces that we certainly do not buy with the same frequency as others, such as jeans or T-shirts, and many consider them as an investment, because we usually keep them for years.

Therefore, this winter seems to be their year, as many trends have emerged from the catwalks of famous fashion houses or street looks at fashion weeks. Starting with beige trench coats a few months ago, and continuing with leather coats, fur and maxi coats are gaining status these days.

We stand a little longer on the charming long coats. The trend that perhaps refers to the elegant evening coats of the 1930s, but also to the more austere coats of the 1940s, this year stole the hearts of fashion lovers, giving the look of a movie heroine.

This year's fashion is very interesting. On the one hand, quiet luxury dictates a calm approach to fashion, and on the other hand, past eras highlight pieces that deserve to be redefined with an updated look.

Even in this category comes the maxi coat to the “button”. Luxurious and impressive in its simplicity, but at the same time timeless and classic, it makes an outfit look more exquisite, elegant and elevates it.

You can wear it over your suit in the morning at the office or even over jeans for a leisurely walk, while we've also seen it on popular celebrities – see Katie Holmes – wearing tracksuits. Of course, it is also an ideal choice for the evening, as it will match perfectly with your delicate dress.

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So that you too can embrace the long coat trend, we've selected below 10 chic and chic options that will make you smile.

10 long coats to adopt this popular winter trend:

Totem/see here

Row / see here

Ralph Lauren / see here

Kontova/See here

Alexander McQueen/See here

Balmain/see here

ABC/See here

Ancient Kalos/see here

Max Mara/See here

Nadia Rabti/See here

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