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35 years since the release of the “magical” Game Boy game, we show you 15 facts you did not know about it!

35 years since the release of the “magical” Game Boy game, we show you 15 facts you did not know about it!

Game Boya portable gaming machine, as soon as I type its name, like Pavlov's dog, I automatically travel back to the distant year 1991, when my parents, after endless nagging, got us their first Game Boy.

I still remember the smell of the futuristic-covered box from the 1980s, with the robotic hands playing Tetris.

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the Tetris It was the free game I got with my Game Boy. Our parents probably thought so with her gaming machine Nintendo They will be saved regardless of our muttering and the many twenties we threw in the summer on “unfadikas”. They may have saved money on electronics, but the Game Boy “sucked” the four batteries it consumed like lizards (I don't know how that expression came about), not to mention that to get a game you had to go and sing carols (that's 30,000 drachmas if I remember (correctly) which was a very large sum at that time.

The Game Boy had a great library (in library terms), with a lot of addictive games like Super Mario Land, Metroid 2, Mega man V and many more that I struggled to finish before running out of battery power or game life.

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My personal collection

the Game Boy It was released 35 years ago, and those of us who got it back then suddenly feel “old,” but also glad we lived through the first era of video games that could be with you everywhere, like mobile phones now.

1. In 1993, Soviet cosmonaut Alexander A. Serebroving his Game Boy into space on space mission TM-17. It was later auctioned for $1,220 and is said to have circled the Earth 3,000 times.

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2. At the Nintendo World Store in New York, a Game Boy that survived the barracks bombing in the Gulf War is proudly displayed. The jailbroken mobile device still works.

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3.Tetris, although released on PC, was a huge hit on the Game Boy and sold 35 million copies.

4. The first Game Boy could run for 30 hours on two AA batteries, due to the fact that the screen had only 4 shades of gray and had no backlight.

5. Game Boy allows multiplayer via connection cables, usually up to 4 people. Faceball 2000, a first-person shooter launched in 1991, changed that with a spaghetti-like array of cables and adapters where up to 16 players could connect and play together.

6. In 1995, Nintendo announced that 46% of Game Boy players were women, marking the first time the console had been so popular among women. A 2014 study found that 52% of gamers are women.

7. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color sold more than the Atari Lynx and Sega Genesis combined, 118.69 million units, before they were discontinued in 2000.

8. Satoshi Tajiri, inspired by the idea of ​​monsters running through the Game Boy's connection cables, created the original trio of the popular Game Boy Pokémon series: Red, Green, and Blue. The green color was not available outside Japan due to poor image quality.

9. Released only in Japan, the Game Boy Light has a built-in backlit display that allows users to play in low-light conditions.

10. The Game Boy sold an external camera and a printer. The camera took low-resolution photos of the user, and in turn the Game Boy was probably the first selfie device before cell phones.

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11. The original Game Boy was twice as fast as the NES, as they both had an 8-bit CPU, and with the 2KB in the NES and 8KB in the NES, they had four times the RAM.

12. The Game Boy is the instrument of choice for “chiptune” artists – musicians who use old gaming consoles to create electronic music. Using special sequencer cartridges, artists can make the device emit a series of strange sounds.

13. The Game Boy Color's Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble had an accelerometer built into the cartridge that recognized when the player moved the hand they were holding – this was then used to guide Kirby in the game.

14. Neil Young used the aforementioned Game Boy camera to create the artwork for the Silver and Gold album, and the photo was taken by his daughter

15. The Practical Boy was a strange accessory for the Game Boy that included a magnifying glass, stereo speakers and a light, and when built it looked more like a spaceship than a games console.