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5G News – Latest: ‘Regless’ branded by pilots’ union amid airport chaos

U.S. airlines have warned that the launch of 5G networks could cause major disruptions

Following the Federal Aviation Administration’s concern over 5G wireless towers near airports, major international airlines have begun canceling flights to the United States.

Emirates, Air India, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways announced the cancellation of flights on January 19 following pressure from the Airlines for America trade group on Biden management over the “catastrophic crisis”.

Emirates has grounded flights to nine airports, including Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, Miami, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco and Seattle. This is John F. Kennedy of New York. It said it would continue to fly at Kennedy Airport, Los Angeles Airport and Washington Dallas. Sir Tim Clark, the airline’s chairman, called the U.S. government and wireless companies “criminal” and “irresponsible” and created an atmosphere of confusion.

Air India, meanwhile, announced the suspension of services between Delhi and San Francisco, Chicago and JFK and Mumbai and Newark.

Wireless telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon announced that the implementation of 5G towers near some US airports would take two weeks to resolve the differences.

The high-speed 5G Internet uses so-called C-band frequencies to measure aircraft’s altitudes, potentially interfering with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) alert, such as altimeters, and can significantly affect low visibility. Activities.

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U.S. Secretary of Transport Pete Boutique has faced a traffic crisis for his 40th birthday

US Secretary of Transport Pete Boutique celebrates his 40th birthday on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, with the release of Verizon and AT&T’s 5G, a number of airlines canceled and delayed flights to and from the United States, interfering with a chaotic day of traffic congestion.

Mr Boutique addressed the issues to Action 4 News in Pittsburgh before being released on Wednesday.

“The focus now is on minimizing any delays or interruptions associated with those restrictions to keep aircraft safe. At the same time, support the deployment of this technology. What this means in the short term is that it requires all wireless carriers to stop operating on that part of the network that includes the antennas closest to the runways.” We can confirm the removal, ”Boutique said.

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Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 20:00


None of the Canadian airlines were affected by the 5G release

According to several major airlines operating in Canada, Canadian airlines were not affected by the 5G launch in the United States on Wednesday.

Air Canada and WestJet Airlines said none of their flights to the United States were canceled due to a rollout.

Transport Canada says it has taken security measures to reduce the interference of flying aircraft altimeters in so-called exemption zones at airports near 5G towers.

Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 19:28


British Airways issues report on All Nippon Airways 5G launch disruption

British Airways released a statement on Wednesday updating customers on its operations amid 5G disruptions in aviation.

“Safety has always been our priority, and although we have had to cancel some services, we have done everything we can to reduce the inconvenience to our customers. , We are disappointed that some of our customers’ travel plans have been disrupted. “

All Nippon Airways departing from Japan issued a statement on Wednesday that it would resume flights on Thursday.

“Since the launch of 5G service in the United States is currently somewhat postponed, flights from 1/20 will follow the regular schedule based on the FAA announcement that there is no safety issue in operating Boeing 777s to US airports. We are serving,” the company said in a statement.

Several airlines, including Japan Airlines and Emirates, have canceled flights to the United States amid a troubled rollout. Japan Airlines later changed its position and said it would resume flights to the United States from Thursday.

Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 19:00


FAA offers exemption from flying in US during Boeing 777 5G release

Bloomberg The FAA reportedly exempted Boeing 777 aircraft during the 5G launch on Wednesday. The company warned that planes should not land at airports with 5G because it could affect their altimeters.

Bloomberg Noted Its information came from sources who were forbidden to speak on the matter.

Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 18:40


Fewer than 300 flights have been canceled due to the introduction of 5G

Despite widespread criticism from the aviation industry about Wednesday’s planned 5G launch in the United States, less than 300 flights appear to have been canceled as a result. As President Joe Biden noted in an earlier statement today, 90 percent of cell towers planned to use 5G were activated today. Only towers within 50 miles of the airport are not operational.

Flightware is a company that monitors flight delays and cancellations. As of 1 p.m., 2,398 flights were canceled today and 3,488 flights were delayed.

Based on those numbers, it is difficult to say exactly how many people were affected by the 5G launch, but cancellation and delay data from other days suggest that these numbers are not uncommon.

Yesterday, 2,688 flights were canceled and 6,363 flights were delayed.

Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 18:23


United Airlines released a statement Wednesday afternoon praising Biden’s management for compromising with Verizon and AT&T, suspending 5G emissions from cell towers near airports.

“We expect minor disruptions at some airports due to the remaining 5G restrictions.

“We expect a high level of coordination between regulators, telecommunications companies and the aviation industry to ensure that customers do not face obstacles going forward.

Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 17:26


Japan Airlines is set to resume flights to the United States from Thursday

Japan Airlines released a press release on Wednesday morning informing customers that flights to the United States will resume on Thursday.

“Today, January 19, we have received confirmation from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) that the Boeing 777 is no longer in operation, and that we will resume service to US territory with the Boeing 777 from January 20,” the company said in a statement.

The airline canceled flights on Wednesday in response to the 5G release of wireless carriers.

Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 16:16


Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 15:24


The head of Emirates says he did not know about the US 5G launch until the morning, calling everyone involved “guilty” and “irresponsible”.

Sir Tim Clark, head of the Dubai-based airline Emirates, attacked the US government and US wireless providers when they appeared on CNN on Wednesday.

Mr Clarke said he had not been notified of the US 5G release until Tuesday morning. Emirates is primarily powered by the Boeing 777s, and aviation security experts warn of a malfunction that could be caused by 5G in particular.

“I have to be honest as usual, this is one of the most innocuous, completely irresponsible issues. Call it what you want, because I have seen in my flight that it is elements of government, manufacturers, science, etc. You know, for example, the US government has its right to all frequencies. We have to sell for a big amount, ”he said. Told CNN Richard Quest. “Someone must have told them at the time – the dangers and dangers they pose at specific frequencies use the domain, the airports, the metropolitan areas that should have been done at that time.”

Craig Gracioci19 January 2022 14:55


Pilot Association: FCC and telcos “ignore” our warnings about 5G disruption

The Airline Pilots Association, which represents more than 61,000 pilots at 38 U.S. and Canadian airlines, released a statement last night. Twitter Regarding 5G implementation delay.

“Today we released the latest report # 5G Delay in implementation, ”they tweeted.

The association said the delay in departure acknowledges the seriousness of aviation safety and operational risks.

But the report concludes that air travelers and ship exporters “deserve the telcos’ commitment not to launch new 5G service at any airport identified by the FAA as subject to 5G interference”.

Thomas Fenton19 January 2022 14:00