October 4, 2023

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A Blue Moon Is Coming: Second Full Moon in August – Newsbomb – News

A Blue Moon Is Coming: Second Full Moon in August – Newsbomb – News

On August 30, the second full moon will follow

August this year is a “synodic month,” a term used for the months when the full moon appears twice. On August 1, the “Full Moon Sturgeon” appears. Like all full moon names, the name for August 1 comes from Native American mythology and lore: in this case, on August 1, the Natives caught sturgeon, a fish that became famous in Greece as “sturgeon.”

It will be followed on August 30 by the second full moon, the blue moon, which is a “vacuum” – as scientists call it – a full moon and has nothing to do with the natural cycle of the appearance in the planetarium of our natural moon, which is why it does not get some names from Indian traditions but is called “blue”. From the rarity of the phenomenon… From the English expression “once in a blue moon”, which means that something happens very rarely. At the same time, it was observed in some cases of this full moon that the moon took on a bluish color due to various atmospheric phenomena, so the term “blue” finally prevailed.

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