June 19, 2024

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A definitive end to AdBlock on YouTube – Google is preparing for tougher measures

A definitive end to AdBlock on YouTube – Google is preparing for tougher measures

We've been telling you about her efforts for months Google To reduce use Ad blockers In the Youtube, initially targets ad-blocking plug-ins that anyone can add to their browser. Now, the American tech giant has decided to toughen its stance further, announcing strict new measures.

Going into details, YouTube will also start blocking third-party apps that can be used to bypass ads. This means that mobile applications used by many, such as “Vanced” and its variants that Google is seeking to develop starting in 2022, will stop working.

Google notes that users of these apps will start seeing messages that content is unavailable and suggests they subscribe to YouTube Premium if they want an ad-free experience.

More specifically, Official announcement pointing to:

We're hardening our enforcement of third-party apps that violate YouTube's terms of service, especially ad blocking apps.

Viewers using these apps may start experiencing buffering issues or receive the “The following content is not available in this app” error when trying to watch a video.

We want to emphasize that our terms do not allow third-party apps to disable ads, as this prevents creators from getting rewarded for watching. Ads on YouTube help support content creators and enable billions of people around the world to use the service.

We also realize that some people prefer a completely ad-free experience, which is why we offer YouTube Premium.

So, from now on, all apps that bypass YouTube ads will stop working.