May 18, 2024

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A Final Fantasy 14 player did something that no one has been able to do in ten years!

A Final Fantasy 14 player did something that no one has been able to do in ten years!

A player in the popular MMO game, Final Fantasy 14He literally accomplished what no one could accomplish for ten years. As we learn from it Gaming Radar, a player in Japan earned all of the title’s achievements after a decade. Yes, you read that correctly.

According to a post shared on Reddit, a player from Japan has managed to unlock all of Final Fantasy 14’s achievements, exactly 2,751 in number. This is something very impressive and time-consuming, as it turns out, and no one has been able to get it yet.

The popular MMO has a huge list of achievements, not only because it has been on the market for about ten years, but because it has also received several expansions that add hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Posted photo with all achievements

As it conveys IGNIn order to unlock all the achievements in the game, one should not only complete the story but also complete all the side quests, get all the items, complete some special quests and final raids, do hundreds of dungeons and hunts, play PvP with multiple classes and more. So.

However, the selected player will have to deal with new achievements that will become available in the summer of 2024, where as we know, Square Enix is ​​preparing the Dawntrail expansion.

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