April 24, 2024

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A fine of €500 for anyone found in Karaiskakis with someone else's ticket.

A fine of €500 for anyone found in Karaiskakis with someone else's ticket.

Bay Olympiacos He warns him The team's world before tonight confrontation With Maccabi Tel Aviv, Asks Secular behavior And With a reminder of the new government procedures.

theWhoever loves Olympiacos will not harm him.” States Bye Olympiacos, banging The alarm bell before tonight's match with Maccabi Tel AvivHis “16”. Conference League.

He mentions the people of Piraeus For the team's fans The government's new measures, stressing that the use of lasers is not allowed, as well as throwing torches, torches, firecrackers, crackers, firecrackers, smoke generators, etc.

At the same time, it is noted that any fan who tries to enter the stadium with someone else's ticket will be denied entry. In “Karaiskakis” and He will be fined 500 euros.

PAE message Olympiacos in Social media:

“Whoever loves Olympiacos does no harm. According to current state laws: the use of lasers, throwing torches, torches, firecrackers, pyrotechnics, smoke generators and any flammable materials in general are not allowed.

Spectators or other unauthorized persons are not permitted to enter the playing field and the locker room area before, during or after the match, for any reason.

It is not permissible to publish banners or other writings of a political, religious or ideological nature with offensive, racist or sexual content.

Entrance to the stadium will only be allowed with nominal tickets: even for children (of any age).

“Those found by the police without a registered ticket or with a ticket belonging to someone else will be banned from entering the stadium and will be fined 500 euros.”

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