April 13, 2024

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A “forbidden” planetary system that exists in our galaxy

A “forbidden” planetary system that exists in our galaxy

with Publishing In the “Astronomical Journal”, a research team led by scientists from the Carnegie Institute of Science in the United States of America presented the discovery of a new planetary system with unique characteristics. At a distance of 284 light years from Earth there is a small red dwarf with the code name TOI 5205. It is a star with a mass and surface temperature much lower than that of the Sun.

They are the most common class of stars in our galaxy and possibly the universe. There are different types and sizes of red dwarfs and it is known that all classes of red dwarfs can support the existence of planetary systems. The results, observations and models so far have shown that planetary systems can form in the smallest red dwarfs, but the conditions in them do not support the existence of gaseous planets, especially giant gaseous planets, such as Jupiter, due to the lack of the necessary amount of material. to configure them.

The research team discovered a planet in the vicinity of TOI 5205. The researchers were surprised to discover that this planet is a gaseous planet similar in size to Jupiter and only four times smaller than its parent star. In comparison, Jupiter is hundreds of times smaller than the Sun.

As it is understood, the discovery overturns many cosmic facts and opens new areas of research as it turns out that there can be gaseous planets and even huge planets in a very small red dwarf system, in addition to that there can be systems where the planets are very close in size to their parent star. .

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