April 13, 2024

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A laptop with a transparent display introduced at MWC from Lenovo – Lenovo

A laptop with a transparent display introduced at MWC from Lenovo – Lenovo

Among the products that Lenovo brought with it to Barcelona was one that we will not see directly on the market.

However, despite being a concept, the transparent-screen ThinkBook laptop attracted attention, because it gave us a picture of what laptops might look like in the not-so-distant future. The whole design is completely science fiction, since instead of the keyboard there is a single glass surface, which is essential for those who like to draw (but perhaps not such a pleasant sight for those who earn their living by writing). However, this is not the first element one notices about this particular laptop: as you can see, it is its display, not because of its 17.3-inch screen or the Micro-LED technology it includes, but because of the fact that it is transparent!

The “magic” of this laptop lies precisely in the way digital meets reality. Through the power of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC for short), the transparent display creates great prospects for collaboration and efficiency by allowing interaction with physical objects and “enriching” them with additional layers full of data (something like a more advanced version of augmented reality). ). Transparency allows the screen to blend into its surrounding environment. The user can theoretically use both keyboard and pen to externalize their creativity. With the help of artificial intelligence, the system's transparent screen will create new ways of interacting with data and applications, ways that may be difficult to imagine at the present time.

As the folks at Lenovo explained to us, Micro-LED technology offers several advantages when it comes to developing transparent displays. High saturation combined with excellent contrast and brightness that can reach up to 1000 nits, ensures a flawless viewing experience, both indoors and outdoors for greater flexibility. However, the screen resolution is one of the issues with the system since it is limited to 720p, as the project managers explained to us that the next version will be at 2K resolution.

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As the industry is only beginning to explore the possibilities of this technology, the future is expected to see even more impressive results in terms of image quality, durability and transparency adjustment. We remember that at CES, transparent TVs were one of the categories that stole the show with LG and Samsung presenting their own proposals. It seems they are not the only ones…

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