April 24, 2024

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A mouse…cleans the warehouse table every night (video)

A mouse…cleans the warehouse table every night (video)

One biceps He was filmed secretly tidying up a warehouse workbench almost every night for two months.

Wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook I noticed the items he left scattered It was mysteriously put back in place During the night.

Holbrook, of Builth Wells, Wales, has set one up Night vision camera At his workbench to see what's going on and record footage reminiscent of an animated movie “Ratatouille”Where the mouse secretly cooks in a restaurant.

Holbrook, 75, told the BBC: “This has been going on for months. Initially, I noticed that the bird food I was putting in was ending up in some old shoes I had in storage, so I set up a camera.

The footage showed the mouse Collects clothes pegs, corks, nuts and bolts He placed it in a box on Holbrook's workbench.

“He moved everything into the box, bits of plastic, nuts and bolts. I don't care about tidying up now because I know he will take care of it. I leave things out of the box and he puts them in place until the morning. Ninety-nine times out of 100 a mouse will collect the counter during the night.

One A similar incident went viral in 2019when a man near Bristol videotaped a mouse filling a bin in his warehouse with scattered items.

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