April 24, 2024

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A new feature has finally arrived that will free up your hands – what trends can you take a quick look at?

A new feature has finally arrived that will free up your hands – what trends can you take a quick look at?

Quick Directions has finally arrived on Google Maps, a year after the tech giant announced the feature. The new feature will free up the hands of users and will be available on all iOS and Android devices.

Google's commitment to upgrading Maps is welcome, as Glanceable Directions is another new feature the company has introduced in the past couple of months.

What trends can you take a quick look at?

Google Maps' Quick Directions feature was announced in February 2023 and is displayed in real time Estimated time of arrival (ETA) And Step by step instructions on the lock screen, eliminating the need to constantly unlock the phone.

This feature allows users to track their route directly from the lock screen and automatically update the route if the user deviates from the planned route, whether walking, driving or cycling.

Quick Directions is designed to provide more convenient and secure navigation by reducing the need to interact with your phone while on the go. Although announced, the feature was not visible in Google Maps settings until January 2024.

This option is disabled by default, but can be enabled through the application settings.

Google Maps: See “at-a-glance directions” as you work

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Google is preparing to add artificial intelligence to improve the browsing experience. Earlier this month, Google introduced an artificial intelligence feature to Maps that helps users discover things to do in their area. It was introduced in February 2023 Immersive viewing, creating 3D cities using AI to explore within the app.

source: FOXreport.gr

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