June 19, 2024

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A new video of artificial intelligence from China shocked the Internet! (video)

A new video of artificial intelligence from China shocked the Internet!  (video)

A new competitor has just appeared in their arena Artificial intelligence models for converting text to video. Going into details, the Chinese startup Shengshu Technology in the field of artificial intelligence, in cooperation with Tsinghua University, presented the presentation. be seenAdvanced text-to-video conversion model.

Vidu was unveiled last weekend and can produce 1080p videos up to 16 seconds long. According to a statement from Shengshu Technology’s official local social media WeChat account, Vidu represents the most significant development in AI video modeling technology since the release of OpenAI’s Sora in February. Vidu does a great job of simulating real-world physics, and has tremendous “imagination,” creating shots from multiple angles with excellent spatial and temporal coherence.

Shengshu Technology claims that the model’s capabilities are on par with its international offerings, positioning Vidu as a strong contender on the global stage. In fact, the Chinese company did not stop talking, and highlighted some examples, which are considered impressive. Early comments on social media reflect this, with many users expressing surprise at the reasonable quality of the videos produced.

Below you can find a gallery of some videos created with Vidu AI:

The launch of Vidu highlights China’s rapid progress in AI technology and its ambition to lead in this field. It’s another technology, along with Sora, that can produce 60-second videos, which could revolutionize many fields, from marketing to entertainment. Of course, if these technologies fall into the wrong hands, they can become extremely dangerous.

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