July 23, 2024

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A “semi-moon” has been discovered orbiting Earth

A “semi-moon” has been discovered orbiting Earth

It is an asteroid that has been orbiting our planet for more than 2,100 years

A “semi-moon” has been discovered orbiting Earth

Scientists recently discovered an asteroid that has been orbiting Earth for thousands of years.

by name 2023 FW13This space rock is considered a “semi-moon” or “semi-satellite,” meaning that it orbits the Sun in a similar time frame to Earth, but is slightly affected by our planet’s gravity.

estimated to have 15 meters in diameter, roughly equivalent to three large SUVs parked side by side. As it orbits the Sun, 2023 FW13 also orbits the Earth, approaching at a great distance 14 million km our planet.

Indicative of this, the diameter of the moon is 3,474 km, and it approaches Earth at its closest point in its orbit at a distance of 364,000 km, according to NASA.

2023 FW13 was first spotted in March by the Pan-STARRS observatory, which is located atop the volcanic Mount Haleakala in Hawaii. The asteroid’s existence was subsequently confirmed by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope in Hawaii and two observatories in Arizona. Finally, it was officially registered as a discovery on April 1 by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center.

According to estimates, the asteroid is orbiting the Earth At least since 100 BC While it will continue to revolve around our planet at least until the year 3700 AD.

With information from Live Science