February 20, 2024

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A very resistant plant, it can survive in space

A very resistant plant, it can survive in space

the Lichens They are strange symbiotic organisms, a partnership with each other mushroom Which provides shelter, water, minerals, and From microscopic green algae or cyanobacteria Which provides food from its own photosynthesis process. Although they are not particularly impressive to look at, lichens are incredibly hardy even to some They can survive even in the harsh environment of space.

As mentioned before guardianWhen lichens adhere to the outer part of it International Space Station to 18 monthsIt survived in the vacuum of space, without water, at extreme temperatures and under the full onslaught of radiation and ultraviolet rays from the Sun, and continued to photosynthesize.

The International Space Station module that exposed lichens and other organisms to space conditionsESA/Roscosmos

Lichens preserved in a simulated environment Planet Mars On Earth, they survived and were active, which increased them Life chances On the Red Planet, the environment is extremely dry and cold, with low atmospheric pressure and radiation bombardment.

It is a fact that lichens They can withstand radiation 12,000 times more than the lethal dose for humans They continue to photosynthesise, although their reproduction may be impaired. On the other hand, bacteria given the same treatment in the experiments died.

There is even the idea that life could exist on Earth, or any other planet To spread through space From lichens carried by meteorites, comets or asteroids.

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