February 26, 2024

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A wheel separated from a Boeing plane shortly before take-off

A wheel separated from a Boeing plane shortly before take-off

Just minutes before takeoff from Atlanta, a plane lost one of its front wheels.

The Boeing 757 plane belonged to Delta Airlines, and the accident occurred at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta on Saturday. The plane was heading towards take-off from the flight position 184 passengers.

According to information from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), since the accident None of the passengers and crew members were injured. The plane's captain informed the airport control tower, saying, “It seems we are in trouble.” When the pilot of another plane informed him One of the front wheels came off and rolled onto the runway.

The plane was immediately stabilized and towed to the hangar, while the passengers boarded another flight to their destination, Bogotá, Colombia. However, the incident It raises concerns at Boeingfollowing a January 5 accident on an Alaska Airlines plane, when a door separated mid-flight, leading to depressurization in the cabin of a Boeing 737 MAX 9.

Federal Civil Aviation Service following the events, The 171 Max 9 aircraft was grounded Boeing to conduct comprehensive safety checks.

With information from APE-BEE/Reuters

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