February 22, 2024

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According to Feng Shui, lentils are not only nutritious but also bring good luck

According to Feng Shui, lentils are not only nutritious but also bring good luck

We know that the basic principles of Feng Shui lead us to achieve energy balance with our environment. This harmony is achieved by focusing on how conscious arrangement of the environment affects energy and thus abundance.

There seems to be a special symbolism and energy to the feng shui philosophy and teachings, and this extends to lentils.

Lentils have special properties, according to Feng Shui

The origin of lentils can be traced back to agriculture in Asia Minor, during the Neolithic Age, about 9,000 years ago. During the Roman Empire, lentils were dried to preserve them longer, so they were cooked year-round in dishes high in protein and other nutrients. In many countries, lentils are considered one of the most protein-rich foods and have even come to symbolize abundance and luck.

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There are many types of lentils – brown, green, red, yellow, black and others. Among their nutritional properties, lentils (per cup) contain 18 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 40 grams of carbohydrates, and 16 grams of fiber. Lentils contain no cholesterol and are very low in salt. All these benefits make it a great food to include in your diet.

As for the traditional association between lentils and abundance, there are documents from ancient Rome that show that as early as that time lentils symbolized abundance due to the size of the lentil crop and the way they satisfied the appetite at a low cost.

However, in the East, thanks to their oval or round shape and color somewhat resembling gold coins, lentils were considered particularly representative of abundance and prosperity. Feng Shui also considers lentils to have special meaning and symbolism. The tradition of eating lentils at certain times of the year, especially when moving into a new cycle such as the New Year, has become an important ritual for many.

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While cooking lentils, always keep in mind positive intentions and mantras that reinforce your desire to attract prosperity into your life and home. The effectiveness of any ritual revolves around the intentions you have in your thoughts at the time of implementation.

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But you don't just have to cook it. Lentils are combined with the basic principles of Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment conducive to abundance through decorative touches and simply by the presence of lentils, above all, in the kitchen. You can store them in bowls and jars, put lentils in your pantry and incorporate them into your diet at least once a month.

One of the most famous rituals of eating lentils on New Year's Day. Eating a small plate of lentils while counting down to the new year is said to bring abundance.

So, whether we display them in our kitchen or enjoy a plate of lentils, they can bring prosperity and abundance.

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