July 20, 2024

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According to the World Democracy Index, Cuba has deteriorated into a dictatorship

According to the World Democracy Index, Cuba has deteriorated into a dictatorship

According to the World Democracy Code 2021, produced by the British magazine “The Economist”, Cuba has deteriorated into a dictatorship.

Out of a total of ten points, the island ranks only 2.59, along with four of Latin America’s worst nations, Venezuela (2.11), Nicaragua (2.69) and Haiti (3.48).

Cuba ranks 142nd globally in terms of electoral processes and pluralism and civil rights (2.65), government functionality (3.21) and political participation (3.33). Political Culture (3.75).

The rankings show the continuing decline of Cuba, the worst score ever obtained since 2006, the first year of the analysis. The setback coincides with the historic anti-government protests last July, after which hundreds of people face trial and lengthy sentences.

Experts They describe Cuba as a “one-party dictatorship in the region.”. In addition, they anticipate the possibility that “large-scale protests will continue in 2022 as the economic and social impact of the epidemic continues to reverberate.”

Lazarus Guernsey Gonzalez was brutally detained during the July 11 protests in Gardinas, in the province of Madanzas.

According to the World Index, only Uruguay (8.85) and Costa Rica (8.07) are “fully democratic” countries in Latin America. Chile, meanwhile, retreats to “flawed democracy” (7.92) because “violence has escalated by active members of the Mapuche tribal community in the south of the country.”

The largest democracies in the world are Norway (9.75), New Zealand (9.37), Finland (9.27), and Sweden (9.26).

Spain (7.94) ranks 24th in the category of “defective democracy”, the region in Catalonia presents challenges due to issues with “judicial independence”, “increasing parliamentary pieces”, “corruption scandals” and “increasing nationalism”. For rule “.

The United States (7.85) is ranked 26th in the world. According to The Economist, political culture is “the weakest type in the United States” and “consensus on fundamental issues such as election results and public health practices has evaporated.”

The worst dictatorships in the world, according to the rankings, are North Korea, Myanmar and Afghanistan.

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