May 21, 2024

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Accuracy: Lamb prices are a “headache” for consumers – How much does a kilo cost – Newsbomb – News

Accuracy: Lamb prices are a “headache” for consumers – How much does a kilo cost – Newsbomb – News

Consumers will be asked to put their hands in their pockets for the Easter table

Accuracy continues to rise, and of course with Easter approaching, lamb prices cannot remain unaffected.

The move to the Varvakeio market for Easter foods has begun, with consumers doing market research before shopping, and butchers reporting that prices are at least at the same levels as last year so far.

Specifically, lamb today is sold at €8.90 per kilo, liver at €6.90 and intestines at €5.90.

However, the picture is different at local butchers, where lamb costs €14.90 per kilo, liver €13.90 and intestines €7.5 per kilo.

“There is an abundance, and it is good that the sooner people get supplies, the better for prices, for efficiency, for everything,” one butcher told MEGA.

The Ministry of Development and Food, in its announcement, on the occasion of the declared strike of geotechnical workers – for which a lawsuit was filed – indicates that in these days and with the approach of Easter, controls must be increased in order to limit Greek illegal activities and ensure the quality of the products.

Skrikas: “The goal is for the price of Easter lamb to be less than 10 euros per kilo”

“The measures are gradually starting to bear fruit,” Development Minister Kostas Skrikas told Parapolitika 90.1 regarding the government's battle against punctuality.

“Today the inflation rate is 5.3%. Greece does not stop taking measures. Our priority is to support the family,” he added.

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Regarding the price of the lamb in the “Easter Basket,” he said, “The goal is for the price of the lamb to be less than 10 euros per kilo.” Regarding the “Godfather Basket,” he indicated, “We are evaluating it.” Saying that “we are talking to the market” and that “prices are falling.”

Finally, the Minister reiterated in response to a question about the final abolition of VAT on basic materials that “the measure was implemented in Spain. Instead of seeing prices fall, intermediaries absorbed the VAT reduction. We will not risk revenues without result.”