July 14, 2024

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Actor Alexandros Tsakiris has died

Actor Alexandros Tsakiris has died

The well-known actor Alexandros Tsakiris passed away, spreading sadness in the artistic community.

The unpleasant news was announced by his teammates, Leila Vlachopoulou and Rudy Stefanidou, who posted on social media the news of his death.

“I have never met in this district a person who loves young people more, who cares for them, who listens to them, who rejoices in them. No one smiles with such love. Not even nobler. Not even more caring. Not even more beautiful on and under the stage. Rejoice, Master Alexander, you have You were a shining example and here behind you we love you so much,” Leila Vlashopoulou wrote.

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the beloved actor, friend, mentor and much more who Alexandros Tsakiris was to all of us!!! Have a nice trip and my condolences to his family!!! His farewell will be held today at his favorite place, Nea Zechny,” Rudi Stefanidou said in turn. Ceres, 19:00.”

Alexandros Tsakiris was born in N. Zichni Serres and studied at the Athens G. Theodosiadis School of Drama. Collaborations with KTHBE, Theater Workshop of Thessaloniki, DIPETHE of Larissa (Thessalian Theater), Serres, Veria, Kavala, Komotini, Lamia, Ioannina and Patras, Dino Eliopoulos, New World Theater and Micro Theater.

Collaboration with directors: L. Kostopoulos, N. Papadakis, T. Espiritou, D. Exarchos, K. Hatzakis, S. Doufexis, G. Karahisaridis, K. Tsianos, V. Theodoropoulos, K. Spanou, G. Bakolas, T. Raju , Mother. Buhle, N. Armao, Dr. Ioannou, J. Theodosiades, Eve. Dimitropoulou, V. Vafea, G. Iordanidis, V. Ardittis, S. Gouti, V. Nicolaidis, G. Riga, K. Apostolou, D. Avdeliodi, K. Arvanitaki.

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He played in plays: Campanile, Passata, Pontica, Dialegmeno, Manifesto, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Walzer, Morcella, Ionesco, Caristiani, Typiliades, Molière, Coco, De Filippo, Pirandello, Siciliano, Post, Brecht, O’Neill, Rousseau, Xanthouli, Christidis , Dostoyevsky, Aristophanes, Solomou-Xanthakis, Kapetanaki, Terzakis, Demos, Gombrovits, Rhodes, Byzantio and others.

In cinema he participated in the films: “Everything is a Way” (dir. B. Volgari), “The Back Door” (dir. G. Tspiropoulou), “The Gentleman in Gray” (dir. B. Horsoglu), Women’s Plots (dir. B. Horsoglu). B. Horsoglu). V. Vafeas), Moving Elements (dir. A. Siadimas, short film).

On television he played in the series “Victims of Peace” (directed by J. Diamantopoulos).