February 27, 2024

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AEK: The limits of vagrancy and cynicism, double down on Vikelidis! | Blog – George Tsakiris

AEK: The limits of vagrancy and cynicism, double down on Vikelidis!  |  Blog – George Tsakiris

Giorgos Tsakiris writes about the double header in Thessaloniki and what happens on the occasion of the penultimate round…

Surely we should take care exclusively of the penultimate round which will judge the champion to a very great extent. But in Greece, this can only happen if the champion team wins the title since January. So they claim that it is two and three, the same mess is made by everyone (especially those who play it on the field, which has not happened and never will)! Somewhat understandable, unacceptable when it verges on falsification, self-deprecating when it results in cynicism and a selective attempt to usurp the truth.

on the occasion of his issues Panathinaiko, the fact is that the competition is postponed for one day (for many crazy cases), but also the definition of the competition for tomorrow at 21:00, we read a lot. But I did not expect everyone to attack again, especially with the same texts (at the level of articles and reports), from the Green Front. Or, to be precise, I expected it, but I said it was impossible not to receive answers and announcements from others Eck And of course to their world itself.

I waited in vain, I wished unjustly! the reason; But the next day must be theirs, and the reason is: strange – my husband, strange and crazy! If they win Olympic riding, festivals, and the super team, if they lose the “setting up the decade” story, I’m not writing a bit. But I also hear this, understand it, and even respect it as smart communications policy, especially from fellow reporters and columnists. I have no respect for anyone else especially those who keep throwing mud and insinuations about it Eck!

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For the truth is here and let them try to rush it with articles and buffoons: it is responsible for everything Eck; Ok… why then:
kicks For the official Green Friday update on their awesome and hassle-free team training session?
kicks That on the same day of the update (Friday), on the contrary, they wrote about the news of the super in training, and asked to postpone two games (not one at the start, see) of Panathinaikos?
Or the worst they’ve all been through these days?
kicks To set a date on Monday for the match against Olympiacos by Marinakis (postponed by one day) although there are many cases!

Ads for everything for AEK, but for now, nothing!

Note that this year Panathinaikos is famous (and doing well) against AEK. Let me remind you why they forgot, so here are one or two cases of attack officially by green PAE:
advertisement to pack in pigeon against unionYou will find it easily as well as their actions to justify …
advertisement to columns Judgment and change with Diamantopoulos By drunks who made them sober…
advertisement to define fire in her match Eck with his opponent Mars…with references Dabanovich (Not for you, of course Kambakov) …

Watch out at the same time, BUFFS (don’t write anything heavy as befits) kept dropping hints about Eck And absences in the derby with him Panathinaikos (which they were celebrating at the time) to take pictures that AEK is to blame because they contracted the day before yesterday!!! Of course, most of them do not say it, simply and implicitly, because they know that there is no such thing and that they will be held accountable in justice, so …

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But if the previous policies were merely a policy of communication and mockery, so are those related to health wigglethick and someone should pick it up… shortly they’ll give it away Eck (Without, of course, writing the name to avoid the courts) that this is the new reason for the closure Athens And Hellas And never allow it to have 17 or 30 confirmed cases like o Panathinaikos. A little shame, guys, a little bit of vagrancy and cynicism, that is, sorry …

in Eck They should not get confused about the target: the double header in Thessaloniki It won’t be easy. It will not be enough because he will also have to lose points Panathinaikos Opposite Olympic On his empty playing field, let the “red and white” do what they did with AEK, because I wrote a while ago that they would play everything as equals, at least they certainly don’t want to lose to joinsI think it turned out to be weird with the way they celebrated X (there is a related photo of Qasimi) …