June 26, 2024

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After smartphones come smartphones

After smartphones come smartphones

the first Mobile phone It was launched in 1983, allowing users to make phone calls without being tethered to wires. And the words followed «Feature Phones»which was related to her Internet They can save and play songs.

the applewith the iPhoneIt dominated the era of smartphones, bringing to our hands cameras, maps, and an app store that includes millions of applications.

According to Bank of America, artificial intelligence It opens a new chapter in the history of mobile phones, bringing with it what the house’s analysts called the “Intelliphone”. AI models, chatbots, and other applications using AI will become so useful that our current smartphones will look very stupid in the future.

Apple is already expected to include new artificial intelligence tools in its next major software update, iOS 18, which will be introduced on… Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) The company in mid-June.

Of course, in order to convince consumers that they really need this new generation of mobile phones, its functions must fit into their daily lives.

According to Bank of America, some jobs smart phones It will be the following:

Assistance according to conditions: Mobile phones equipped with artificial intelligence will provide personal assistants that better understand user conditions and provide more accurate and timely responses.

Proposal initiatives: These assistants will make suggestions to the user themselves, learning about their behavior patterns.

How much time do we spend in front of the screen?

Object and scene recognition: These devices will be able to recognize objects, faces and scenes in images and suggest the user to share, search for more information or purchase the product pictured.

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Real time translation: These phones will be a valuable tool when traveling or communicating with people who speak another language.

Health notices: AI can predict potential health risks by analyzing models and collecting data to alert the user to seek medical help.

Content creation with artificial intelligence: Users will be able to create AR/VR content using AI tools.

Italy: A restaurant that serves wine to those who give up their mobile phones