May 18, 2024

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Albania: Solving a cold-blooded murder

Albania: Solving a cold-blooded murder
The murder case of businessman Ardian Nikulaj in Shengjin has been solved who died after a mob attack inside his coffee shop by a man who executed him in cold blood while dressed as a delivery guy.

according to Himara a The state’s police chief, Muhammed Rombolako, gave details at a news conference.

The killer is a Portuguese citizen. While the motive behind the accident is “revenge”. He said the case concerned an organized criminal group with foreign nationals who had entered Albania to commit murder.

Policemen who investigated the crime scene found and seized:

• Firearm cartridge mm dia.

• Model 54 projectile with a diameter of 7.62 mm.

• One letter • iPhone

Watch the video of his murder – beware of the harsh images

From the procedural actions taken in connection with the incident, incontrovertible evidence of the perpetrators of the murder emerged. With regard to the cars used by the perpetrators to commit the crime, their use by the suspects has been documented for a period of time related to the execution of the murder. Albanian police authorities are searching for four fugitive Britons and a Portuguese.

Chronicle of the case that shocked Albania

Businessman Ardian NickOlay And father of four children He lost his life before six days, In his coffee shop, when a man dressed as a “delivery man” wearing a mask approached him, he pulled out his gun and shot him. seven times.

The whole incident turned out to be 13 seconds, While the victim’s partner, who was at the scene of the accident, ran in panic to escape the fire, later the perpetrator rode a motorcycle and disappeared in an unknown location. And he immediately killed Nicholas with blows to his head and body.

He always walked around with his bodyguards – there was something he was afraid of lately

journalist Artan Khochawho had relations with the victim, spoke about it his deathemphasizing that Nikolai He was always on the move with his bodyguards. At the same time, he admitted that he met him two weeks ago and confessed to him that he will support the candidate of the Democratic Party of Albania in the upcoming local elections.

“He left behind four children. He was an important worker in the Lisa district. You cannot approach him easily, he works even in Tirana. Recently I noticed that he was very careful with his movements because he was involved in the investigation of a controversy that lasted more than 20 years. He was always accompanied by guards.” two persons The journalist said, among other things.

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